Human Connections: Earth

Greetings Everyone,

Human Connections: Earth
“To Live life to the fullest is the Human Knowledge”

In this Universe we live in, Natural Structure and Life’s Livelihood formation is of Tremendous –  Stunning type.

From the time since Human Life began on Earth:
Through the way of Life in Nature of Sense
* That which is required to be Known
* That which is required to be known through Seeing (Obeservation)
* That which is required to be Contacted
* That which is required to be Learnt
* That which is required to be found
* That which is required to be experienced
* That which is required to be familiarized
* That which is required to be shared
and so it continues as ‘Life Knowledge and Scientific Life‘.
In it,

Mind – Life – Nature, through the operational connection knowledge (science),
*Knowledge of Plant Nature
*Knowledge of Living Beings Nature

In the Natural structure that is functioning together through the Five Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature, Considering Protection,
* Physiology
* Psychology
* Nature of Life
* Nature of Food (Nutrition)
* Nature of Medicine
* Nature of Protection
In this connection, to live by knowing the necessary Knowledge,

* Knowledge of Soil Nature
* Knowledge of Heat Nature
* Knowledge of Air Nature (wind)
* Knowledge of Water Nature (liquid)
* Knowledge of Space Nature
* Knowledge of Gravity Field
* Knowledge of Operational Nature
* Knowledge of Rotational Nature (Whirling)
* Knowledge of Machines
* Knowledge of Light, Sound, path nature
* Knowledge of Evolutionary Growth Nature….

and so in such livelihood science connections,
for Human Life to join with Nature in a natural way,

  • Connection with Nature of Life
  • Connection with Nature

and so for human livelihood’s wide spread needs to be fulfilled,

* Artificial (Technology) connections and so,
as a Research Natured – Life Method,
* Creation
* Utilization
* Protection
* Maintaining
* Restructuring (Correction)
* Destruction (removal) such science connections being  ‘as two big sections Scientific Nature, Wisdom Nature’ that continues to function as ‘separate and join’ types in Research Natured Life continuing onto the Sun from the Earth and to all planets surrounding the Sun and beyond towards the Star fields. We know of this continuation as ‘Science in Research‘.

Thank you.

Kind Regards.

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