For a Healthy Living – The Food habits to maintain immunity Strength

  • Eating food with an appetite is required.
  • It is required to Eat food that goes well with your system.
  • Eating food up to it being enough is required.
  • Eating food that is digestible is required.
  • Do not sleep immediately after a meal.
  • Do not have sex immediately after a meal.
  • Do not consume food along with Alcohol.
  • Do not consume food along with Drugs.
  • Do not consume food while standing, walking, talking, and running.
  • Don’t drink cold beverages along with consuming food.
  • Do not consume it immediately, when cold beverage is mixed with hot beverage.
  • Do not consume food while playing.
  • Do not consume food while exercising.
  • Do not consume food while talking in anger or while crying.

When consuming food in such scenarios, due to the digestive strength becoming weak, the heat wastes are becoming stagnated. As a result of this the Immunity strength is weakening step by step.

“Lets correct the heat wastes and make healthy living ours”

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Kannan M K Jeevayogam
Kannan M K Jeevayogam

Thanks Samy. Very useful article for me and our society. Now a days every body wants to know how to eat, when to eat, where to eat. This article fulfil to correct our eating habits. Once again thank you so much samy. Thanks God.