Let’s Naturally Correct Global Warming

In our Earth along with Human beings, Animals, living beings, Plant lives, Mountains, areas of Plains: In the Natural structure, adding onto it, through the Five structures such as Land, Water, Air, Heat, Space as well is it functioning being joint with it. In the happening of called the Global Warming, the human livelihood is continuing to live with many different questions. Only if we correct them in Natural Nature, can we live in the Nature with necessary health in the required Natural Structure.

To correct Global warming, we are taking multiple measures continuously. Even then Global warming happenings have not become corrected: Through it Food deficiency, Water source deficiency, Health deficiency, and many such happenings are continuing to happen. Hence, if it is required to correct Global warming, then it will only be best if they exist to be formed naturally in a natural manner within the Natural structure. Hence, let us see how can the correction be done to Global warming in the Natural structure method.

To correct it in Natural structure method, the Earth’s Natural structure method is existing to be a three part water and one part Land: In current scenario, the water that is existing on the soil’s (Earth) upper surface is having approximately three parts water formation and one part Land formation, is what we know scientifically. At the same moment, the three parts Ocean water available on the Earth to be made as rain water, is being utilized by Heat. The three parts water that has been utilized so, is being given to Earth in a proper Five Grand Elemental Nature structure method. From this, it is necessary to understand, what we need to learn from this.

That is, similar to how Heat utilized the Ocean water (three parts), are we utilizing the Rainwater (three parts water) for Earth’s need or not?

We can only say no. What we are to learn from this is that, if the rainwater that is received for the Soil’s inner surface is being utilized properly then the Natural structure method will function in a streamlined nature under the Five Grand Element’s Fundamentals, can we known. In such a way, If the Rain water (Rain water harvesting facility being created and utilized in it’s basis) is utilized in a Five Grand Element’s Fundamentals, then the Global warming will become streamlined to necessary value. This will come to be known in process.

By creating Rainwater harvesting facilities and creating Rivers, Lakes and Ponds….. and such things to be utilized for Agriculture and other Water source needs, including livelihood needs. Similarly, if small and big trees are planted and maintained around the water source facilities, the Soil’s heat afflictions can be corrected. Adding onto it, the Breezy winds, Flourishing nature (wealth), Rain and such things will fulfill the Water’s need for the Earth. This will come to be known in process. The water source structures within soil’s inner surface will be made organized. Adding onto it, on the soil’s upper surface the natural plant lives will attain growth.

Through rainwater harvesting, the water will be stored in the soil’s inner surface. In the rainwater harvesting facilities, through the growth of trees, with help of the tree’s roots, the water will be saved in the soil’s inner surface. Through the water traveling in such a way, Heat will become reduced in the Soil’s inner surface. As a result of this, there will be the occurrence of Soil’s Integration as well. When Nature’s source structures are happening in a streamlined manner as per the need, it will be possible to correct Global warming. As only the Natural correction and Natural natured correction will correct Global warming, let us live a natural natured life and a blissful life.

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