Does water mean Livelihood on Moon?!

Greetings Everyone,

If there is water on the Moon, will livelihood come into existence?!

If we ask, “by learning the existential state of Water on the Moon, can livelihood be created?”, the answer is possible. We can tell this with complete conviction. But while learning the water’s existential state on the Moon, the water will be murky and in the state of heat wastes being mixed in it. Such an existence of water will be in the state that, it cannot be used immediately for drinking purposes or food preparation purposes.

The reason for this is that, the Moon is continuously existing to have heat & cold which is multiple times higher than that of Earth and continuing to not have any type of Natural structures with evolutionary exchange for many million years. Hence on the Moon soil, it will exist such that, the water will be without any Natural wealth or Artificial wealth’s evolutionary exchange and exist to be water that is toxic as heat wastes being mixed with wastes and dust particles.

The water on the Moon’s surface should be cleaned in the method of purifying the Natural structure and then should it be utilized by changing it in favor of the Evolutionary growth nature with the Natural structure method.

In such a state of it being purified, should the indulgence of the efforts required to growing Plant lives be put forth. In the purified Moon water, if the microbial life and life researches & experiments are conducted, then it will be great excellence. On top of all this: When we are getting to know the Water structure on the Moon, we can get to know the World’s (Universe) first life & the common life that lives throughout the World, known as the Micro life. As a result of this, it will become possible to know the truths about Microbial life’s livelihood that lives on the Earth and Microbial life’s livelihood that lives on the Moon.

At the same moment of learning the Water source on the Moon, we will get the clear solution belonging to the Moon’s Gravity. It will become possible to be known as an incomparable happy news by the entire world. Is what we would like to clarify here.

Thank you, Everyone.


*- The Micro life described here is the Microbial life that lives on the Five grand elements of the Universe: that are the, Soil, Water, air, space & heat.

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