Do we know the afflictions created through the Planetary structure Entrance in the Planet?

That which is the source to a Planet’s rotational nature is the Planetary operation Entrance structure. That is, a planet’s 5 Grand elemental functions to travel inward from the soil’s (planet’s) upper surface up until the planet’s core through the inner surface and similarly for it to start from the planetary core’s inner structure to travel to the planet’s outer surface and to join along with the Universe structure to function. That which is helpful to all of this is the Planetary structure entrance. Adding onto it, only through the planetary structure entrance the planetary gravity is happening.

If there is to be conflicts in the Planetary operation Entrance structure or if there is to be weaknesses in it’s protections then the affliction created by it will be in the scale beyond imagination. Such will be its existence. There are more than 13 afflictions possible in the Planetary structure entrance under the Natural structure.


  • The heat that is expressed as the source for the Planetary core to function will start to leak (Heat leak)
  • That which is the heat leak will start to spread in the Soil’s (Planet’s) inner structure
  • The heat that is leaking within the Planet’s inner structure will start to make the heat affliction spread inside. Adding onto it: It will make the heat spread on the soil’s upper surface. Through this heat wastes will be created.
  • Volcanic Lava and Earthquakes
  • Tremors
  • Sea turbulence
  • Cyclonic flood rain
  •  Soil erosion happening in the water source’s course
  • Ocean receding
  • Geysers
  • The water levels reducing on Earth
  • The water sources drying out on Earth
  • Dry nature being created on the Soil’s (Planet’s) upper surface
  • Creation of quick sand …….. for such Natural degeneration and disasters to be created. It will exist to be the reason.
  • Creation of conflicts in the Planetary rotation operation. Such happenings as well will create afflictions from a very small scale to a very huge scale to the Life’s Livelihood.

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