Do we know that, on Moon: The Gravity will happen to exist different, from place to place?

Every single planet in this Universe has the existence of Natural structure in favor of the Life’s livelihood.

Though we can live in this entire Universe, but only on Earth alone there is the existence of the Natural structure for Humans to live. In such life structure methods: The life’s life nature livelihood on the life (Human beings, plant lives, animals, ….. Microbial life) structure is existing to be in many formats based on the Life nature shape evolution. On the Planetary structure that is functioning based on the 5 Grand elemental structure: “The Soil structure that exists as the existential place of stay for the Life’s livelihood. For it, the ‘Five Grand elemental connect’ is functioning as an operation”. For such Five Grand elemental connective operation: Only the Gravity connective function that functions rotationally based on the 5 Grand elements is existing to be the source operation.

Adding onto it, In the Five Grand elemental connective operation: “On the joint unification method such as the Soil and Water, Water and Air, Heat and Space: As a Natural structure method, the Gravity operation is functioning along with the Life formation and it is being operated.

The Gravity operation is being as a join structure that is changing in between places of Stone structure, dry soil structure, powdered soil structure, wet soil structure and the Plant lives as well. In it, the most important thing to be learnt is that: “On the Planet’s soil structure: Only on the required functioning gaps of the 5 Grand element’s rotational operation the operation of Gravity is happening“.

Adding onto it: “That which is the Gravity’s nature (Gravitational field’s nature) is functioning in favor of the 5 Grand elemental connective operations, that prevail on the Soil’s upper surface in the planetary structure”. If we are to learn this in a detail: “In the 5 Grand element unifying operation: If the water and air exist to not be in contact with the operation where heat and soil functions. Then the Soil’s core fragments will break and the Planet’s rotational speed reduction will happen. This is required to be known for us.

In this Universe where we are continuing to live: If there will be a planetary structure like this. Then that will be the Moon.

If we are to learn about the Soil’s gravitational strength with the Human’s exuberant intellectual knowledge. Then, not only on the Moon but on any planet where there is a deficiency of Gravity like this: “It is possible to create life’s livelihood like Earth on it”.

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