Direct Research Connection

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In this Universe we live in, for every single human being that live in it, the opportunity of knowing about their self is completely available.

In one’s lifetime, every opportunity belonging rightfully to the learning of the top most knowledge needed for them, is available with themselves. To know this is every single Human being’s primary duty. Learning this is necessary, do we know of this!.

A man, for the growth of their-self/society, can share the research that is being conducted with other People/Researchers. Can even conduct the researches together. At the same time, that Research being conducted as a direct connection will always become a goodness-giving-event is required to be had in focus. Reason being, the Research’s Outcome/Results does not end with the one’s self or with their team. That Research’s continued happenings, since it’s forming to be a life nature connection and human connection of the present and future time period. It becomes necessary for the Researcher in be in their direct connection. Similarly, if it is required to check other’s Researches (studies), making the corrections or the discussion in their direct vision is the right method.

The Researchers involved in the Direct Connection, giving importance to the Research Nature purification methods similar to the importance given to their Research notes is necessary. Adding onto it, the correction of the wastes created from the Purification methods is very very important is required to be realized. It is necessary to conducting the researches after the realization.

It’s in best of everything, when the involvement is with the realization that it gives goodness to everything and everyone when the Research is released after the clarification of the correction. May it be either the research nature of perspectives or the research nature of material.

Every Researches focused on the Life’s Livelihood, being Researched and learnt in Direct/Discussion more than once and then being Released or being utilized is a very very necessary element, is required to be realized completely and then engage.

The Researches focused on the Life’s Livelihood, may it be Food Material or may it be Medical material, it is required to keep in attention that their Human Society is utilizing it directly. In it, Country, Religion, Politics….. for any such reasons or activities, the inventions should not be released without Correction/Review. It is required to be careful with it. If not, the Present, Future Human Society and Living beings Society will be affected in a huge amount. This should be realized and then be engaged.

Research-Nature/Science is common to the world wide human society. This should be made as a global law. Every single Researches should understand this law and conduct their Researches.

Come, Let’s get to know more.

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