The Moon (Intellect’s II Age)

The first Age of Our intellect helps in Human Livelihood creation, utilization. The living methods that needs to be learned through Earth, Liquid, Air, Heat, Space, we practice it by living. By the time in which we where to gain complete clarity in this, our Intellect’s second age begins.

* Here a question arises. That is, why the intellect’s second age is beginning before intellect’s first age could come to complete clarity?

The answer for this exists in the format of Universe Lifestyle

The explanation being “Living being’s connectivity between each other happens through Intellect. In a similar way in nature, the collectiveness of The Universe exists with a connective characteristics between each other”. Hence intellect’s connection is made to function with a complete connectivity with The Universe. Hence, at the time when our Life happenings are getting close to fulfillment on Earth, the situational need of creating a living condition on the Natural satellite of our planet, The Moon is becoming essential.

In the first age of our Intellect, apart from the methods of learning to live on Earth, all other natural* formations are available in abundance. In it “Natural structure used in Nature and the methods used in Creating Artificial structures required to live in Nature has been the first age of Intellect”.
(*Plant Lives, Animals, Water, Breathable Air, Seasons: Summer, Winter, Fall, Snow…….)

But our Intellect’s second age “Is in the natural situation of connective living on Static Nature (in a correction required state), with the non-static nature’s help”
(+ The Static Nature’s fundamental functioning methods essentially needs to be learned).

With the help of the experience in the First Intellect’s age, let us try understanding the second intellect age’s source of growth.

On top of this, With the help of the intellect’s expression found in this effort’s outcome. We will try creating a living condition on The Moon.

“If tried it is possible, If we put in the effort it is possible”
we know this Life philosophy. . .

Come let us all unite together. We will create a high guidance to all world people.

“To Live blissfully, let us put in the efforts”
Thank you, Vanakkam.

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