Source of Science

Where every resources and excellences are found within Earth, our(Humans) life has come to be of light on it.

In the Earth in which flourishing blossoms happen through the greatness of Nature, Science has taken it’s shape for our Life to blossom flourishingly. For the connection between us and the Universe we live in, to be fulfilled is why Science in the format of Grand intellect is finding expression within us.

The Earth we live in is within the Universe that is united by the Grand Fundamental Five elements of Nature*. Each Grand Fundamental Five elements of Nature has the ability to function in separation and joint together. In this universe that is unified through the Five Grand fundamental elements of Nature, the ultimate confluencing structure that which is our Nature becomes the basis of Human Life.
(*Space, Heat, Air, Earth, Liquid)

In Nature for the Livelihood of Plant, Animals, the fundamental life source energy has always been 5 Grand Fundamental element’s confluencing evolutionary inner construct’s inner source.

In this, Plants, Animals and Natural structure’s method of functioning together has always been the guidance to Human Life.

As we focus further and further on the Life structures of Plants, Animals the experiential methods of how to live came to structure. This became the reason for artificial structures to take shape within the natural structures.

That is, Combining nature’s strengths, plant’s strengths, animal’s strengths along with their(Humans) strengths going through the body – mind and life within became the life strengths, mechanical strengths and strengths that function along with the Nature.

The methods in which Human Life function together, Human’s strengths attain new life within new evolutionary constructs. Due to this in Nature, methods of Artificial structure that function along with Nature become materialized and come to existence.

As Human’s reproduction increases more and more, livelihood highlight features are continuously being created. On the Earth, On the Water, On Heat, On Air, On Space connections, thus started the Scientific intellect now is being the foundation to the methods of living on other planets, traveling to it.

The unique human being’s life quality to climb the sky and create a stance for itself, 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature’s connective Intellect is being expressed from within us in the format of Natural Experience.

This is making the Human Life blossom.

Thus being Biological Life’s source intellect connective structure is what we are calling as source of Science.

We know Source of Science is being the central root of Human Society’s Life.

Let us Live Blissfully.

Thank you, Vanakkam.


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Source Article Written In Tamil: விஞ்ஞான மூலம்

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