Universe: Tri Joint Unification

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If we look closely at this Universe formation we live in, we can get know that this Universe Structure in itself is functioning in a rotational method. It is functioning in Gravity can be known. The events of viewing it in such separate state is forming to exist based on the current Researches. Viewing the same from another perspective, these two (Rotational method operation, Gravity Operation) operations are functioning together is what we cannot deny.

If the Universe Operation structure here is viewed in another perspective here, “Is the Gravity happening due to Rotational Operation or Is Rotational Operation happening due to Gravity?”, such a big question is coming rise. This can be known. If  only a clear solution is researched in detail for this, the researches can be conducted (on it). Let us choose the answer for this huge question from the Nature functioning methods. That is, with operating the Rotational Operation in rotational method, joining the Gravity will not be possible. To explain it short, the happenings belonging to the rotational operation (To Rotate) is being prepared. The happenings belonging to the Gravity is also being prepared. Only in the connection of the Gravity, the rotational operation is happening continuously. Gravity in Rotation and Rotation in Gravity is happening in such a state in continuity, that one cannot be separated from another. If efforts are made to increase or decrease the speed of both of these operations, then if the happening belonging to the Rotation is corrected or if the happening belonging to the Gravity is corrected, both of these forces will become stabilized as per the need.

To be observed further:
For the Rotational operation and Gravity to function and the one the comes in the connection of both of these two,  “Five Grand Fundamental Elements and with it, everything that joins with operates in Solid – Liquid – Gas state of nature in joining with it” so it forms to be.
Hence rotation, gravity happening to be understood, let us see an example.
(Soil + Air) + (Air on Soil + Water) + (Air on Soil + Heat) + (Air on Soil + Water + heat) (Air on Soil + heat + water).  Let us see their operation.

The Natural nature of Soil Air:
Soil and Air are always joint (Soil + Water). “There isn’t a single Operation that doesn’t join with Air” is required to be learnt.

The Natural nature of Soil:
Soil: In the natural state as  it’s being with Solid nature (Rigid and Particle Soil) & with Particle nature, it exists to be filled with gaps in nature.

The Natural nature of Air:
Air in natural state is with the nature of Gas. ‘Air has got the strength of of moving (In Rotation: In all Directions)’.

The Natural nature of Soil + Air:
The Soil by itself we are calling it the Planet’s primary matter. Air has the nature of functioning by joining with Soil. To be filled in the gaps of the Soil and to move through the elevations and pits. Through it, it becomes the reason for the Rotational operations to be created. This by itself becomes the reason for the Rotational operations’s happening on the Soil’s outer surface and the inner surface. Hence, on the Soil, in the inner surface and in the outer surface, the functioning of the air along Soil and Soil joining along with air, in it, as a rotation in gravity – gravity in rotation, it functioning can be learnt.

The Natural nature of Air + Water joining together and functioning on the Soil:
Soil is Solidified, Particulated in being a formation filled with gaps. Water is being of the nature that fills and being filled in gaps.

As long as the water in joint on the Soil and in between the Soil gaps, the Soil remains in a natural state can be known. That is, in the nature of Soil, water. Otherwise, in the nature of Water, soil. In such a joint state containing natural state will become created. No matter what state  it is, in either one of the nature, Air’s nature will exist to be in a nature of functioning by joining with them.

The Natural nature of Air and Heat joining together and functioning on the Soil:
The Air that is always joint with the Soil, keeps creating gaps through it’s moving strength. Through this elevation – pit – plain such happenings are being created. In this happening if heat happens to join, the intervals in the Soil to become decreased and increased, such happenings being created comes to be. Adding on to it, the right opportunities for light (brightness) to penetrate through the Soil, is being created.

The Tri Joint Unifications's source fragment Formula

Come, Let’s get to know more.

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