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In this Universe in which we live in, we are living in a planetary formation called Earth. On Earth, Moon has formed to be in support (Support Planet) of our livelihood. The Earth we live in, is functioning in the state of having Sun as it’s center (as it’s base/focus).  Not only the Sun, but the planets, support planets (in Solar family) that revolve around the Sun are formed to be in support of our livelihood. Adding onto it, every single planets, stars and even this Universe has formed to be of support.

Since we continue living on the Earth, we are keenly observing every happenings that happen on the Earth. The changes that came to be, through this is the Scientific structure that raised the livelihood state of the Human beings.

Scientific Structure:
For human being’s livelihood (growing nature, operational nature) to become complete, Scientific structure by itself helps as a source foundation. In the population growth – For fulfilling the needs of the people, if there was’t a scientific structure then people’s livelihood would have been ‘a continued destruction and would have become extinct’.

In this Universe in which we live in, to learn about life’s livelihood it is required to know about Scientific structure. Scientific structures have divided to be two big divisions.

  1. Nature Science Structure
  2. Artificial Science Structure, such are the two big divisions that have kept human life in connection with the Universe nature. We know of, both these structures.

Nature Science Structure:
Nature Science structure is,

  • Human beings, In their eye sight, utilizing the understandings of what has been learnt (seen) so far.
  • Human beings, In their reasoning wisdom, utilizing the learnings and understandings.
  • The plant life’s livelihood (Nature of Growth, Nature of Operation, Nature of Evolutionary Life) & Nature of Growth, it is helpful in learning it, understanding it, sharing it and utilizing it.
  • It is helpful in learning the living being’s livelihood upfront. Since there is a knowing of Living being’s livelihood it is helpful in learning the benefits being created for Human beings, benefit being created for Plant lives, the next evolutionary rotation methods (whirling spin) that is created in the nature structure.


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