Soil Rotational Nature

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In the Universe we live in, in terms of structural making, each of the 5 Grand Fundamental elements of nature is possible to be observed separate and joint with each other.

That is, For example:


  • Space comprises of Gaps within it – Separate State.
  • Space exhibits Light and Dark – Join State.


  • Air spins separately – Separate State.
  • Air becomes supportive of Planet’s Rotational nature – Joint State


  • Heat being hot – Separate State.
  • Heat becoming supportive of Water Evaporation – Joint State


  • Water is being in the state of Liquid (Natural State) – Separate State.
  • Water becoming Snow ice – Joint State


  • Soil being in the rigid (joint) state – Separate State.
  • Soil breaking (Gaps forming on the Soil) – Joint State.

Hence for the 5 Grand Fundamental Elements to function separately and in joint state, rotational operation and Gravity becomes the reason.

Soil’s Core Construct:

  • In Soil, Glue that sticks
  • In Soil, life mineral nutrients
  • In Soil, the Gravity energies that function together with 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature.

In Soil, Glue that Sticks:
For Soil joint formations to stay joint there is sticky glue in the Soil found naturally. As long as the sticky glue is found in necessary abundance on the soil, the life mineral nutrients will stay joint in Soil. As long as the sticky glue and life mineral nutrients are found in necessary abundance on soil, the soil will have with it, the energies to function along with 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature in a fulfilled state. As long as the Soil’s functions are in necessary abundance, the soil’s gravity (Outer – inner: soil’s outer surface, inner surface) will stay fulfilled.

Soil’s Sticking Glue being Affected:
Soil function along with the energies of the 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature. In such an operation, within the formation of the operation structure of the 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature if Heat energy continuously becomes increased (The heat gravity created by the Electromagnetic waves) in outcome and at the same time Water’s energy outcome is very very low then Soil’s Core Construct becomes affected.

If on the Soil’s (Planet) upper surface is continuously getting affected by Electromagnetic wave’s Heat Gravity, then there is a chance that the speed of that Soil’s rotational nature (Planetary Rotation nature) reduces. Adding to it, that soil’s Gravity (planetary gravity) will reduce. Due to this, that Soil’s quality will reduce. Hence, it will be not possible to create Nature’s livelihood constructs on that Soil.

Soil Breaking:

  • Soil in the state of Rigidity.
  • Becoming Rigid (Stones) and breaking.
  • For this Soil to become Soil it breaks down into small dust (Soil being with Sticking Glue).
  • Soil breaks down into Sand.
    When Soil changes into Sand. Sand again without the help of Soil cannot change from Sand to the happening of Soil. Reason being that, Soil moves away from the Soil’s sticky glue.

On Soil, the nature of Rotational Nature:
The Soil being rigid in nature, breaking down and again becoming rigid in nature and subjecting itself to many colors, the reason for this becomes the joining along with 5 Grand Elements of Nature and functioning. That is, as an operation of rotational nature it has to spin (whirl) along with the structure (operation) of Static – Nature of Life and Non Static – Nature of Life, these situational formations are becoming the reason.

In 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature, the Greatness of Two:
In the methods (right way) of 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature joining together and functioning Water alone has the nature of changing (Solid, Liquid, Gas).
In the methods (right way) of 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature joining together and functioning, the breaking, then gluing together, in this Soil’s operation (function) is expressed.

Soil’s Greatness:
Only on the Soil (Planet) the outer (the soil’s upper surface) Gravity and inner (Soil’s inner surface) gravity is being connected with the nature of Rotational Nature.

Let us get to know (learn) more.

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