Sivamathi’s Birthday wishes (11-04-1968) – For all the Life natured structures that live in this Universe, to live a great life. Best Wishes!

Among the entire collection of Planets in this Universe, the most special Planet is the Planetary structure called the Earth. Such is the existence. Reason being:

1.) Only the Earth among the Planets of this Universe, is being the prototype ‘planetary structure’ for ‘Life natured livelihood’.
2.) Only this Earth is being the ‘life formation’ of living with all of the ‘5 Grand elements’ being unified.
3.) Only this Earth is a Planetary structure in which ‘Life structures’ live in necessary fulfilment.
4.) Only on this Earth we live in, the Human beings who are born to rule the entire Universe is living.
5.) For every livings in this Universe to live a great life, the first planetary structure to get the ‘Natural Intellect’ & ‘Rational Intellect’ is this Earth we live in.
6.) Only from this Earth can we human beings travel to and from every planetary structures in this Universe.
7.) Only from Earth can we human beings conduct every researches to live a great life in this Universe.
8.) Only on Earth, every Gravities in this Universe is functioning in unification with the ‘Natural structure’.
9.) For every rotational nature in the Solar system, Earth’s rotational nature by itself is existing to be the fundamental reason.
10.) Only from Earth, can we human beings travel to other Planets. Only from Earth can we give the ‘Natural natured rotational strength’ and the ‘5 Grand elemental connective strength’ to other Planets.
11.) Only with the help of the ‘Life Experiential Intellect’ obtained from the Earth, can we exchange the ‘Life natured livelihood strengths’ through out the Universe.
12.) Only from Earth, the Human’s livelihood continuity is about to begin on the Moon for the very first time.
13.) Only from Earth, the livelihood ‘Life Researches’ is to begin inside the Sun, starting from the Moon, then to Mars from the Moon and then to other planets from Mars.
14.) For the human beings living from the Earth; for them practicing in living for many long period of time as a nature of experience from the ‘Living being’s natural intellect’; in the life continuity of living in joint with the ‘operations of the 5 Grand elements’; in the unified effort; The only outcome is: “The Human being’s Life intellect nature being expressed as the ‘Rational Intellect‘ similar to the Living being’s life intellect nature”.
15.) Only from Earth, the living life methods were possible for the Human beings to be learnt through the Experiential intellect. Along with it, the compassion toward life, humanity, the evolutionary growth nature’s greatness, Love, Intellect. Not only that but through the Scientific intellect, True wisdom intellect: “That which is the Human intellect, attained an elevated evolution as the Rational Intellect“. That is, in the Human Life, not stopping with just learning the outward life & the inward life methods: “The methods of living in joint Nature and getting to know ‘the Natural secrets such as ‘the changes that happen in it’ & the Seasonal periods (Protection/Destruction methods)’ were possible to be known”. Adding on: “Only from here it is becoming possible to learn the Universe Secrets such as the ‘Natural Nature Methods‘ constructed in the ‘Universe Nature’ by the ‘Unified existence of 5 Grand elements’ “.
16.) In this Universe we are living in, Only on Earth (Planet), the methods of human beings living have a change, and the creation of ‘life structure methods’ for the life that is to be lived on the Moon for the very first time, is as well starting from the Earth. When all of this comes into the knowing: “The specialties of Earth and Earth as the methods of showing the way of living a great life in this Universe”. Only when this is observed keenly, “The extent of us being born and living in this Universe on this Century being a greatness elevated by value”, can be known – Realized with clarity and happiness. Myself being ‘Sivamathi Mathiyalagan’ to have been born on this Earth in which we are living in, “Is not only a magnificent greatness for the Earth but even for this Universe as well, it is existing be of much greatness and value bearing”. For us describing it in this way, there is a reason, “We are to create ‘Planetary rotational method’ (Moon’s rotational method) for the very first time in the Solar system and in it, we are currently showing the way forward in creating the Human livelihood (Life nature’s livelihood) on the Moon”. Adding on, “Not only on Earth but on the Moon and every planets in the Solar system, the rightful way belonging to the creation of the ‘Planetary rotation’ for the making of ‘Life nature’s livelihood’ similar to that of Earth”, is being released by us in my researches.
17.) Only from our Earth is where we are introducing the method of ‘Planetary rotation’ for the very first time.
18.) Only from this Earth we are living in, for the very first time we are introducing to the Science World, “the ‘5 Grand elemental unification method’ and through it the way of ‘Planetary rotation’ “. Through it, not only in the 9 planets of the Solar system, but in the entirety of the Universe it is possible for human beings as well to create ‘Life nature structures’ such as Plant lives, living beings. Hence, everyone being a support and a pillar to the effort of making the lives of everyone living in this century, expansive!, “to have been born and living in a time period of them living, I am feeling proud and happy”. Hence to the birth of mine and to everyone helping in the growth of my life, “I would like to convey my best wishes”. Adding on, I would like to pray to the Universe Creator, to Bless everyone in this Universe to live a grand life.

To learn that which is required to be known and live a blissful life, I would like to wish this onto everyone on my birthday.

Thank you, Greetings.


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