Sinking City of Jakarta (Indonesia) – A Solution

In Indonesia, considering the need of Groundwater, the water in the inner surface of the Soil is being continuously bought to the Soil’s upper surface. As the water in the inner surface of the Soil is being bought up and up: Gaps will be formed consistently in the inner surface of the Soil and there will be consistent movement of the water column. Through this, in the inner surface of the soil: Soil erosion, Sand erosion, rigid Soil becoming loosened happenings are coming into existence. Not only that, on the upper surface of the soil: As the water is being taken from below towards the surface there is little by little soil spilling over, not only in the Soil’s inner surface, and on the side but this happening is happening as soil spilling over little by little on all the inner surfaces surrounding it. Resulting in the creation of big gaps. Through this, the Soil’s Nature of Integration structure is becoming afflicted little by little, and the inner gap’s expansive space is continuously becoming bigger. This happening continues to make the gaps in the Planetary operation connective entrance – begin joining with the Ocean. Not only that, it is making the Planetary operation connective entrance expand. This by itself makes the City’s inner face dip down.

To correct this happening: As an urgent and necessary action, it is a must to maintain Plant lives and Trees starting from small to big size trees in a safe methodology with Circular and Star formation. Adding onto it, it is important to create plantation types based on food type fundamentals. It is also required to be filled with Sour, astringent, and sweet taste types.

In the Country’s plain regions, it is required to strengthen the water source areas by creating Rain water harvesting centers. Not only that, but through the Rain water harvesting facility it is required to strengthen the Soil’s integration in Soil’s inner surface. As the Soil’s Integration strengthens the Soil erosion and Sand erosion reduces. Adding onto it, the expansive space that is created in the Planetary operation connective entrances will become reduced. When such correction are being administered over and over again, the city sinking will reduce and natural state will return.

In the soil’s inner surface, there will be afflictions to the gap’s Integration method due to water, soil, and heat. That is, there will be cracks in the Soil’s integration method. The Answer to how this happens is: As the gaps in the structure called soil and sand within the Solidified Soil becomes a pit – The happing of the Sand seperating itself, if the water is going to have movements in the solidified state and The happening of the Solidified soil becoming loosened as well is coming into existence. Not only that, as the water from the Soil’s inner surface is being taken upwards towards Soil’s upper surface: There is gaps being created in the Soil’s inner surface and side. As the extraction is happening from top towards the bottom there is spilling of Soil, through this the gap’s expansiveness becomes bigger. Hence, in the Nature structure method: it is best to live by correcting with humanity.

Come, Let’s get to know the Natural structure specialty, in a even more special way.

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