Global warming – A New Perspective

Earth is a planetary formation in which we live. In Solar family, the nine planets and several support planets and billions of stars together existing, grand Natural structure is this. Even for our Universe, we live in: It is a great Natural structure that spreads heat and light in abundance. In the happening of the rotational formation where they rotate through their own orbital path naturally within the Natural Structure, is where we as well, continue to live as Nature along with the Nature. In the Natural structure, the Earth we live in is:

  • With Necessary amount of heat and cold in 5 Grand element connective function structure
  • With Billions of both small and big features that different in size and characteristics
  • With three fourth Water and other parts Land (Soil)

With such formations, the structure that which functions in rotation is where we are continuing to live as well.

From the life formation on the Earth, we alone continue a life’s livelihood formation that is natural and unnatural in the Natural Living method and Artificial Living Method and the Living Method in which Natural and Artificial are joint.

For us continuing to Live on the Earth: When we started to live beyond the Earth that which came as an opportunity to go floating, to go flying is the travel vehicle.

The life thought to live close-by and to live far-away became the method continuing to live by utilizing heat. The living method that came to be, as a result of this is the Nature Heat – Artificial Heat; in it: Through the method that was created for the human livelihood became the conflict that got created in the Natural Heat. That is, there are many life scattering and Nature degeneration methods in it. If it is to be said in short: The happening that got created in the stressful state of Artificial heat mixing in Natural heat without the possibility of correcting it, is indeed the happening of the Earth being filled in Heat (Global Warming).

The happening of not being able to separate between Natural, Artificial heat in itself is the happening of Heat spread. That is, in the method of Nature purification, the grand opportunity of getting to know the life method of living with required amount of Natural heat is coming into existence. Let us get to know more in detail.

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