Knowledge + Nature = Science
(The Nature that was known – Science)

Human for their Life, in their Life body operation system, the outer Senses connective operations and World connective operations joining together and functioning,  operative formation nature is called by the name, Science.

Greetings Everyone,
In this Universe we live in, we are continuing to live in a planetary formation called Earth in the Solar family.

In this World, to live and to know the life methods, in our existing Life body formation, the known and one which is in clarity within us, is our Five sense formation system. Adding onto it, for our Five sense formation system to connect is the World’s Operational connection (World Natural Nature Structure) system. World’s Operational system is also being in need.

Connecting Methods:
Our Five Sense connective formations and World Natural Nature structure methods joining together and functioning nature & naturally functioning and operational connective method is what we are calling as Science connection method.

Human in their connections or living beings, Plant Lives, Natural Structures, Five Grand Fundamental Elements connective formations, Other Planet connective formations, in all of their connections, to connect in the method acceptable to the Life’s Livelihood need is the Science method.

Come, let’s get to know more in detail.

Thank you,

Kind Regards.

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