Saving Mexico from Rising Sea Level

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The solution we have in hand is to plant trees along the coastline that grow big and have a long life span.

The dangers of rapid rise in Sea water level not only can cause coastline locations to go underwater but also afflict the nature of livelihood along the coast for decades. Such as fishing village’s livelihood, the growth of the fishing activity to sustain food supply line for the country and so on.

To understand the positives and value of the solution/mitigation-plan, lets explore the nature that supports this solution and it’s structural value on the long run.

The Soil Particle or the Soil Structure’s capability and capacity to hold water defines the Soil health in that region. This Soil health here can be defined by the term Soil’s Nature of Integrity. The capacity and ability of a region’s underground water to hold depends directly on the Soil’s Nature of Integrity.

The Soil’s Nature of Integrity is always well preserved and nurtured by an ecosystem of Tree plantations that are big in size and can live long. Let’s look at how this translates in action and observe the benefits brought to life.

  • The big root structures creates the required space in Soil surface for soil structure to have a healthy air flow system to the deep structures of the soil system.
  • This Mechanism supports many micro organisms and their ecosystem to develop around the root structure and the soil structure around it.
  • The loosened soil structure and it’s ecosystem gives scope for the water level in groundwater raise to the proximity of the root structure. As the rain water flows directly to the ground water column without any wastage and blockage. At the same time, the protected surface does not allow the ground water to evaporate through the porous regions of the soil.
  • On the long run when such Tree plantation structures are developed along the coastline, they serve as a huge regulator in the development of cyclones and cyclonic winds. This element prevents flash floods caused due to sudden down pour.
  • When such grand structures are brought to life and preserved with the understanding of their benefits. The connective nature of the Soil structure with the Air, Heat, Water and Space (From Gaps in between a soil structure to the Atmosphere surrounding the planet) becomes a protective system to the Planet’s rotation and it’s rotational nature.

In due course of this, the Soil Particle or the Soil Structure’s capability to hold water is increased both in capacity and quality. However, this falls as only one half of the Soil’s Nature of Integrity. The other half is the ability of the Water to hold Soil. This part of the natural system is best understood through the benefit gained/seen in the improvement of the water quality in the ground water during the same period of Tree plantation and ecosystem establishment. The water quality improvement happens through the lifecycle of the microorganisms that will populate the soil structure. Even salty ground water columns will start gaining taste with their ability to hold nutrients.

To simply put, the ability of the Soil to hold water and the ability of water to hold soil becomes the fundamental structure of Soil’s Nature of Integrity. Which forms as our tool to rebuild our natural ecosystem.

Gauge to see where we Stand:
To the extend we see lesser gaps in the soil structure, to that extent safety is available for the life system.

This knowledge of renewing the natural structure will not only help in living life in fulfilment (completely) on a Planet but also teach us the path in creating our livelihood on another planet.

That is, only in places where Water and Land joins the livelihood establishes itself in a strong and flourishing manner. In a natural structure, in it’s entirety: the Land and Water functioning together is possible to be seen only on Earth. We can see it being formed as the foundation to the Gravity and existing to be the reason for the two type functions (Solid and Liquid states) of the Planetary core to function efficiently.

For example,
On the Moon, in places of Land and water availability. The water is in the state of not being used by the natural structure (evaporation, rainfall…). If it is possible to explore and research this state. It is certainly possible for us to create livelihood on the Moon.

Only through the preventive methods against soil erosion it is possible to prevent cities and land masses from disappearing beneath the ocean. Hence, let us further see the ways of stopping soil erosion and Soil integrating methods in our upcoming research articles.

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