Research Connections in Thoughts

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In this Earth we live in, If we are to attempt at knowing the starting time of Human beings, we can understand the importance of thoughts. It will also be possible to know the important existence of Thoughts even in present time.

“The Source of thoughts is Mind”
That which is described as the Mind is the collection of Thoughts. The place of existence of Thoughts is indeed the Mind.

“The Connection of the thoughts is Senses”
The connections of the Thoughts are the Five Senses.
Every single thoughts are expressed only through the Five senses.
The thoughts between the Live body formation and the Universe operational Connection (inner – outer), the Mind by itself is existing be the reason.

The Connections of Thoughts:
*Shape – Moving, remaining without Movement. Such elements happen through seeing.

* Sound, Noises are expressed through mouth (inner – outer) by Plant lives, living beings and human beings. On top of it, within the activity of eating, getting to know the taste is also happening through the Mouth (outer – inner).

* The activities such as the Smell, the activities such as breathing happens through inhaling.

* Feeling – in the Natural Nature – Artificial Nature, Heat – Cold, happens in every Living beings, Plant lives, Human beings through Skin.

Research in Thoughts:
Thinking & Expansive spread of thinking in itself happens to be the reason for the creation of Research in Thoughts & Research Nature connection. That is, thinking within one’s self, sharing one’s thoughts with other human beings, through it, it happens.

Come, Let’s get to know more.

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