Protective Field Gravity

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The one which is formed to be a protection to this Universe we live is Protective Field. That is Universe Protective Field.

In the Universe Protective Field is of three major divisions.

Protective Field Divisions:
1. Universe Protective Field
2. Planetary Family (Unified) Protective field.
3. Planetary Protective Field.
and so are the formations of the three major division in Protective Field.

1. Universe Protective Field:
For everything formed within the Universe Protective Field, the Universe Protective Field Gravity becomes a protective armor.

That is,
Within the Universe Protective Field Gravity, the Planetary Family (Unified) Protective field is formed to be a connective formation.  Only in the Planetary Family Protective field the Planetary Family Protective Field Gravity is joint.

2. Planetary Family Protective Field:
In this Universe we live in there are billions of Planets. From the Planets in the Universe we are trying to classify and learn Stars, Planets and Supportive Planets. In such an effort of getting to know through classification, we are knowing the unification containing planets and supportive planets as a single family. We are calling this unification as Solar family (Solar system). The Solar family is functioning with Sun as its center (source).

The protective armor that has formed for the Solar family can be called as Planetary Protective Field. Otherwise, it can also be called as Solar Family Protective field.
Similar to us calling the joint unification of Planets, Support Planets as Solar Family we are yet to have been able to classify the innumerable stars as a single family structure. The reason being, until now we are continuing to conduct researches scientifically on the Planets and Supportive planets in the Solar family (Solar system). In the upcoming time, the Stars can also be classified and known similar to the Solar family being classified and learnt.

3. Planetary Protective Field:
Five Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature Gravity
Planetary Gravity
Planetary Core Axis rotation Gravity
Planetary Rotation Gravity
Heat – Cold Gravity
Light – Dark Gravity
Magnetic Gravity

Come, Let us get to know more.

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