NASA Proposal


  • Goodness of Human Society and it’s Unity
  • The health of the Human Society
  • The expression of rational intellect
  • The betterment of Natural resources
  • The livelihood structure of Life
  • The Natural structure in the growth of Plant Lives
  • Betterment in the Resource of Rain through the betterment in the Soil fertility
  • Life of Freedom in the methods of purification
  • Resourceful Nature by itself a blissful life
  • Growth of Science by itself is the greatest growth of Human Life

Statement of Technique & Methods used:

  • To be liberated from the negative health effects of artificial agricultural methods, learning the natural agricultural methods by utilizing natural execution energies.
  • Bringing out the effects of the Soil core being completely protected by the proper use of water source storage.
  • For the betterment of the Natural resources, utilizing it for naturally simplified needs is the most excellent method of living.

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