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In this Universe we live in, every single Planets have been created for the human beings to live. So is why the ‘grand phrase’ of ‘Universe Life’ is being among human beings for many long periods of time.

For many years of period, Humans are continuing to live a life that carries greatness. If we see in the mathematical nature methods of the world creation nature fundamental livelihood, is it enough? or not? practicing to live on the Earth for human beings. This question being risen within, do we know of this!

Universe Nature Mathematics:
* Mathematics is utilizing what is available,
* perfecting what was utilized,
* Organizing what was perfected,
* Creating by joining the Organized,
* Renewing the created,
* Giving a renewed shape to the Created,……. it is making such things to function and to be operated.

So Universe Nature Mathematics is knowing the methods in which the Universe functions.

Universe Functioning Methods:
Universe as the Five of the Five Grand Elements, As joint structure of that Five, The Natural structure that functions in that Joint structure and as a livelihood formation in the natural structure such as the live life livelihood natural structure method called the Plant Lives, Living beings, Human beings in the Universe function, it is functioning as two type operational method.

Livelihood Changes:
Livelihood changes are of two types.
1. Living in complete fulfilment
2. Living by creating complete afflictions
such are the two types.

If the livelihood life that we live (plant life, living being, human being) gets fulfilled, livelihood changes will become to be. That is, while living in one planet the livelihood on another planet will come into existence.

  1. Living in complete fulfilment:
    In this Universe we live, in a planet that has 5 Grand Elements within it, living in complete fulfilment under the fundamentals of the live life livelihood in it is one type.
  2. Living by Creating complete afflictions:
    In this Universe we live, in a planet that has 5 Grand Elements within it, living by creating complete afflictions in the fundamentals of the live life livelihood in it is one type.

Human in terms of the life needs, in the planet they live in in, the complete livelihood methods. Only when it is lived and experienced, the human’s rational intellect’s potential will exhibit. Only then, the way and clarity to live on other planets beyond the planet we live in, will be born.

The Earth in which we have lived so far, in it, the natural structure and live life livelihood structure are continuing to be in fulfilment. But,

We are continuing to live on Earth for many years. Some period in fulfilment, some period unfulfilled sate (opposite state), some period in a composition of both being mixed, we are continuing to live. But in the current period, we are only continuing to live the life methods against the nature. That is, in the Universe nature mathematical method – in the method of livelihood changes method – the second state being the living methods by creating complete afflictions, we are living in it.

Hence we are living by creating afflictions (Wastes: Space, Heat, Air, Water, Soil) in all of the Five Grand Elements. So for us, continuing to live on Earth, ‘through the Universe life changes‘ it is required to continue livelihood on another planet. Hence we,

Are required to create the methods of way belonging to the livelihood on the Moon.

For our livelihood to be formed on the Moon, the natural structures and live life livelihood natural structures are required to be created, is required to be known.

Hence for us to create livelihood on the Moon, we need to think, research and observe in completeness, the entire (the needed for life) situations there.

Need to be Known:
If it is Life changes in the Universe, then it is starting from Natural structure to everything for the live life livelihood is required to be known. Reason being, every methods that are required to be lived on Earth are completed living. Hence, to create a newly one livelihood on the Moon, a newly one thinking and execution is required. We know of this.

Let’s get to know what is being known, Let’s try to start the livelihood blissfully.

Thank you,


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