Life in the Nature of the Universe

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If we get to know the ways in which this Universe we live in functions, in the Nature, the happenings of the live life’s livelihood happenings can be understood.

In this Universe we live in, if in the entire universe, in the Nature, if life’s livelihood is required to be created, it is required to know the Universe nature laws. With the help of Universe law, the Universe life formula is required to be created.

Universe Nature Law:
This Universe we live in, is functioning through the Five Grand Element’s Connection and through the connective methods of the Five Grand Elements functioning together in operation – Nature, connection method. As the methods that which, ‘functions with the Universe microbe’s livelihood structure’ and that which ‘functions with Living being’s (Plant life, Living beings, Human beings) structure’. So are the existence of two divisions. When we get to know this genuinely great nature connection methods in completeness, we can get to know the secrets about the Universe Nature Life methods.

Universe Life Formula:
In this Universe we live in, if nature and the live life livelihood is required to happen naturally then Universe nature life formula is required to be formed as a basis.

Universe Life Formula
Five Grand Elements + Planets + Microbes + Plant Life + Living beings + Human beings

This Universe life formula is required to be understood clear and simplified.

That is,

Let us get to know the most important aspects in connection with the Universe Functional nature.

Universe Life Formula is:
Five Grand Elements (Space + Heat↑↓ + Air + Water↑↓ + Soil) + Planets (Protective field +Gravity + Rotational Nature + Day, Night) + Microbes (upper surface of the soil + inner surface) + In Natural Structure: Plant Life + Living beings + Human beings

This Universe Life formula is pointing towards the methods in which Five grand fundamental elements function together. In a planet in which the functions of the Five Grand Fundamental Elements are functioning in favor of the Natural structures in that planet “The livelihood natural structure and for the livelihood life structure” it would have formed in favor of it, can be known.

In this Universe we live in “The livelihood natural structure and the livelihood life structure” that has formed in favor is only on the planet Earth.

Come, let us get to know more in detail.

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