Heat Rotational Nature

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In the Universe, Heat Rotational Nature:
The universe is a rotational system in prevalence. In this rotational system, the Space rotational system has always kept itself completely connected. At the same time, with the Space rotational system, heat rotational system is existing in a connected state. For the entire Universe’s rotational system to rotate, Air exists to be the only primary source of energy. In the Heat rotational gravity that rotates with the help of Universe Gravity: “Air is hailing to be one of the most important operations in the Universe’s Operational nature”.

From the above mentioned five, we can get to know the specialty of Heat. Heat’s Specialty is in the state of it being connected with Primary energy source Air for the Universe Operational functions to be operated.

Through Planetary Rotation, Heat Rotation (Heat Air) is happening. Through Heat Rotation, Water Rotation (Cold Air) is happening. Through Water Rotation, on the Soil the Air’s Rotational Nature (Heat – Cold Air’s Natural state) is becoming complete. (For every rotational nature, air becomes primary). Hence Nature’s exchange happens on the Soil. With Nature’s exchange, Life’s exchange and evolutionary growth continues. Hence we know of Planetary rotational nature.

Heat Rotational Nature:

Heat Rotational Nature Formula
Heat Rotational Nature Formula

Heat rotation is one of the operation in 5 Grand Elements and also, Heat is being an Operation that functions connected with every 5 Grand Elements  and, 5 Grand Elements also exists as an operation connected with Heat in Natural Structure.

Heat’s Rotational Nature when functioning with the help of joining with Air, it is becoming the source for Light, Dark.

In the Universe we live in, if we get to know each and every extraordinary happenings existing in the Natural structure, it will be possible to develop understanding of many details.

The Universe’s Natural Structure is made of 5 formations such as Space, Heat, Air, Water, Soil is what we know. In the operational formation in which these five function together, there is another one of high importance and greatness that is required to be known. That is, we know of the fact that there is the inclusion of the Unique Greatness for each of the 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature.

In the 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature, Space exists by having within itself very big & very broad gaps. Adding to it, every thing that exists in a joined state with it’s gap, it keeps it’s Gravity in a connected state with it. “In the Universe Gravity, the Gravity that hails to be the biggest gravity is Space Gravity”. With this Space Gravity, the ones which completely keep itself occupied with it are two,

  1. Heat
  2. Air
    thus are the two Grand formations being joined with it.

The heat that is keeping itself completely occupied with Space Gravity in this Universe, gives light along with heat energy to the entire Universe. We know that Heat – and – Light’s joined energy is functioning in rotational method.

Come let us get to know (Learn) more.

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