Heat – Cold Gravity

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It is essential to understand that this Universe we live in, is made of 5 Grand Fundamental Elements.
Grand Fundamental Elements are Five:
1. Space
2. Heat
3. Air
4. Water
5. Soil
is what we know.

This Universe we live by itself is comprising within it the complete Space.
Space Gravity:
In this Universe, the Space Gravity is the one that operates every planet by joining it with it’s gravity.

In this Universe we live in, to make the Space filled with brightness, to give and distribute heat, the Heat becomes the support.
Heat Gravity:
Only the Heat Gravity in this Universe, helps in reflecting the brightness and heat in every other Five Grand Fundamental Elements. Adding onto it, it attracts cold from Water towards itself and Spreads across.

To make this Universe we live in, to rotate (spin), to make the heat, cold become natural in state – to make extreme in state, air is becoming a support.
Air Gravity:
For Universe rotational operation, Air is existing to be the Source.

For the Water in this Universe we live in, to become Liquid, Solid, Gas (water, Cloud, Cold, Rain, Snow, Boiling water) in such physically changing nature, for it to operate. It is becoming a support.

We know this entire Universe we live in, is existing in the fundamentals of Planet. Every Planetary Formations have Soil as it’s major source. Soil has the natural structure as an operational formation that joins the Five Grand Fundamental Element’s mixtures with itself. Only by the Natures in which the Five Grand Fundamental Elements does function by joining with the Soil, the fundamental truths of the Life’s Livelihood can be understood.

Soil Gravity:
In the Universe only the Soil’s Gravity has formed to be with the strength of pulling the operations of 5 Grand Fundamental Elements towards itself. Only based on the Soil’s gravity the planetary gravity is happening. Only based on the Planetary Gravity, the Planetary core axis gravity and the planetary rotational nature, being formed to be the source for all fundamental happenings of Life’s Livelihood can be known.

Heat – Cold Gravity:
Only the Heat – Cold gravity has formed to be the fundamental source to the Planetary Operations in the Universe and the Life’s Livelihood.

Come, Let us get to know more.

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