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In Starting times of the Human beings, for getting to know the livelihood, there was the need of taking very huge efforts. In it, one of which was the happening of the requirement in getting to know the Nature’s connection for them to live safe. Reason being, Day – Sun, Night – Moon, to understand these connections, they got to know a few Nature signs (Tamil Language: adaiyaalangal or identities). Through it, it was also possible in getting to know the life methods of Living beings in the connection called Day – Night.

Day – Night Life Nature Connection:
In the starting period human life there was a necessity that came to be: “for understanding the Nature connection life methods”. What it was, In the state of themselves (human beings) living in the morning and in the night, Sleeping/Resting. From such a state, the human society, they happened to observe the living beings living in the night. Adding on to it, when trying to Research that if the livelihood of the living beings are in the Day or in the Night. They happened to observe that some living beings living in the day and some in the night. Only this happening existed to be the fundamental reason to learn the Life connection called Awareness – Sleep. That is, the grand information of getting to know that, Life nature connections is happening through out the entire day.

Life Nature Gravity:
Come, Let us get to know that, The Life Nature Gravity is of 7 type Gravity elements.

  1. Body Gravity
  2. Mind Gravity
  3. Life Gravity
  4. Living beings Gravity
  5. Plant Life Gravity
  6. World (Universe) Gravity
  7. Artificial Connective Gravity

Nature connection, Scientific method

1. Body Gravity

This Universe we live in, is made of Five Grand Elements is what we know.
This Universe we live in, has got the ‘Life’ existential formats as fundamentals.
Life existential formats are happening in two types,
1. Static Life existence Methods
2. Non-Static Life existence Methods
and so for every Natural functions in the Universe, the Life existences is existing to be the source formation. Knowing this is a necessity.

For every single connections of the Live Body, as a outer connection formation exists to be the Skin. The Skin only from the reason called the Feeling Gravity, it is contacting with the Universe Functional connection.

The Skin’s feeling strength starting from the outer side of the body – into the the body’s inner side, it is being in contact with every function (Entire Live body). Similar to it, the Universe Strength in the Live body functional formation, starts from the Body’s outer side into every functions (Entire Live body) within the inner side of the body, it is being in Contact. When this is being known, the Body Gravity’s greatness will be possible to known completely.

2. Mind Gravity

This World we live in, the Life Nature formation methods are existing as three major divisions such as the Plant Lives, Living beings, Human beings. In this three Major divisions is where exists the Life nature formations. In them, the Human Life nature formation methods alone is existing to be completely and entirely different.
Reason being,
* Human being’s thoughts
* Human being’s Thinking ability
* Human being’s learning method
* Human being’s Personality ability
* Human being’s Planning
* Human being’s Research method
* Human being’s invention method
* Human being’s execution method
* Human being’s Experience method
* Human being’s traveling method ………
and so the Human being’s livelihood method is being both exclaimable and surprising. The reason for this is only the Mind (Human Mind).
For the Human being’s thinking ability and execution ability, that which exists as the core formation is the Human mind in itself.

The Human mind exists to be the relationship bridge between the Human Body and – Life within.
The Human mind, for the Human being and every other Life nature existences, exists to be the contact formations.
The Human mind, in between the Human being – and in every Universe Nature Structures, exists in the nature of contacting naturally and in Research method. Hence, the Human Mind’s Gravity exists to be in the format which researches and knows the Life’s boundaries, is what we know.

3. Life Gravity

This Universe we live in, is existing to be a place of stay for Five Grand Elements, In it the Mineral Resources, Plant Lives, Livings beings, Human beings.

For the Universe we live in to function, Life (Life within) in itself is existing to be the primary. The Life’s contact formats are functioning in two type methods.
1. Five Grand elements and the functional connections that are dependent on it. For it to function, it is existing to be the main source.
2. Plant Lives, Living beings, Human being, the living method for such life nature formation methods to live in connection with the Universe. That which exists to be a primary source is this.
The above described, two type operational formations in itself is described as Static Life (1), Non Static Life (2).

The Life’s gravity in itself is existing be the gravity for this World functions.

4. Living Beings Gravity

In this Earth we live in there are three major divisions such as the Plant Lives, Living beings, Human beings. In the three Life Nature formation, such as the Plant Lives, Human Lives and the Living beings, the Living beings alone is being known to be in an existential state of being seen with the outer eye and as well in a state of not being seen with the outer eye (naked eye).

For the human beings among the livelihood formation of the Living beings (Plant Lives, Living beings, Human beings), the gravity that exists in the evolutionary growth aspect existing within the womb, is a grand element that expresses the magnificence of Life Nature Greatness (Magathuvam).

In the highlight features of the Human beings such as the, the Sense Nature, Mind Nature, Intellect Nature, Personality Nature …… in such elements, the gravity that exists between each other cannot be understood, even until now with the nature of Science. Such is the nature of its existence is what we are knowing. To introduce this connective methods in a scientific format (Educational method) is my Research’s special feature.

The living being’s livelihood for the Human life is being: “food, Medicine, is also being a support in fulfilling livelihood needs, is also being the ultimate life (aaruyir) for research nature connections, it is as well being a protector that protects us, it is also being a life partner that socializes with us, ……… The Life Nature connection’s gravity is that which has greatness (magathuvam), purity (unnatham). Do we know of this!.

5. Plant Life Gravity

For human society to live in connection with the Nature – The rightful, greatful gift that exists is Plant Lives.
Plant Lives is a nature structure method that lives in the Soil and in the Water.
That is, the method of living on the upper surface of the Soil, living On the Upper surface of the Water and inside water.

The Introduction of Soil’s Gravity:
The Soil’s gravity is existing in a unified method within two type methods.
1. The Gravity on the Soil’s upper surface
2. The Gravity on the Soil’s inner surface
The two type Gravity was introduced to Human society by the Plant Lives by themselves. That is, their root section on the Soil’s inner surface and their Leaf/Branch section on the Soil’s upper surface growing with this using the Gravitational strength that which lives is called the Plant Lives living method.

6. World (Universe) Gravity

The World Gravity is existing to be as three major divisions.
1. Five Grand Elemental Gravity
2. Magnetic Gravity
3. Planetary Gravity

7. Artificial Connection Gravity

The Great, Rightful action which was made by the Human Society for their Livelihood expansion is the Scientific format.

Scientific Format two types:
1. Nature Format
2. Artificial Format

Nature Format:
Nature Format is the method which is created with the livelihood experience Researches that have formed Naturally, as Nature in the Universe Livelihood Structure. Nature Format is a method which continues since the beginning of time.

Artificial Format:
It is the method that was created for Plant Lives, Living beings and Natural Structure to function, operate in joint with the Human Experience Knowledge. That which prevails to be a very huge invention of Science is the Artificial Device method.

Come, Let’s get to know more.

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