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Gravity: Natural & Artificial Structure

In this Universe we live in, for the Entire Universe to Spin (Rotate), to operate, the Gravity exists to be the reason and source (activity). This Gravity has the name, Universe Gravity.

For every formations in the Universe there is a type of Gravity.

Gravity is of two types.
1. Natural Gravity
2. Artificial Gravity

1. Natural Gravity:
Sound, Light, Smell, Soil, Liquid, ….. such things to be pulled and the field (Gravity) to be Moved, is available for Natural Structures.

For Natural Gravity there is Operational, Time, Border measures.
For Gravity there is the Strength of functioning in all directions.
Natural Gravity has the nature of functioning Naturally in the Natural Structure.

In Natural Gravity:
Universe Gravity
Protective Field Gravity
Five Grand Fundamental Elements Gravity
Planetary Gravity
Planetary core axis spin Gravity
Heat – Cold Gravity
Light – Dark Gravity
Magnetic Gravity, so has Gravity formed to be in multiple structures.

2. Artificial Gravity:
With the support of Natural structures, with the expansive nature (Life’s Livelihood) of the Human knowledge that which functions is the Artificial Gravity.

For Artificial Gravity there is Operational, Time, Border measures.
Artificial Gravity has the strength of functioning only in the particular direction we operate it.

Artificial Gravity has the nature of functioning Naturally & Conflictingly in Natural structure.

The Great Scientist:
The One who does perform by knowing the expanded details of the Gravity’s Operational, Time, Border measures becomes “The Great Scientist”.

Come, Let us get to know more in detail.

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