Fulfillment Research Connection

Fulfillment (Complete) Research Connection

Research Law
Only for the betterment of Human Society and Natural structure’s Safety Researches should be created, thus a Law should be passed. This should be made the World Law.

Greetings Everyone,

The Human Society should live with wellness and wealth is continuing to be a wish of everyone.

For the Human Society to live in the best way, the Education, Experience through the,
Sharing it, in such happening’s continuous experiences are it.

Beginning from thinking to sharing it, the serial (continuous connected) experiences’s serial happening’s outcome is The Research Method. This Research Methods are seen expressed in two ways,

  1. Experience Research
  2. Science Research
  3. Mixed Research in such three big sections are available in current practices. In this three Researches, the two type happenings such as Fulfilled, Unfulfilled are always found expressed in the Researches.

Experience Research are found as outcome in two type Research Methods.
1. Direct Experience Research
2. Unreachable Research

Direct Experience Research:
From the beginning times of Human World many different Researches are happening in Human Society, only with the help of Experience Researches is what we know well.
Only When we (Human Society) give importance to Experience Research, then will the simpler ways required for conducting their researches will be created for the Science world is necessary to be known.

If direct experience researches are understood in a simplified manner then from in the way Science Researches came to be created, will come to an understanding. That is,
* Functioning from Thoughts
* From Thoughts getting used to (getting practiced)
* The thing that was in practiced from the Thought, in it Learning the necessary elements.
* Learning from Thoughts – Functioning from Learnings.
* Thinking from Learnings – Functioning from Learnings.
* Sharing from the Learnings
* Experiencing from Learnings – Sharing it.
The Direct Experience Researches can be conducted with fulfillment through Fulfillment (complete) Research connection.

Unreachable Researches:
The Functions – Operations that are seen with the naked eye and that are not seen with Naked eye in Scientific, Wisdom Researches, in which the functions that are being created, being known with normal intellect (knowledge) is not a possible thing.

Motor Vehicle running, Ship/Submarine Ship moving fast on the Ocean, The Space Flight flying through, Operating a Satellite in another Planet, Radio Singing, Telephone speaking, Computer, Robot Operation ……… Many such demonstrative operations can be described. Adding to it, the Unreachable Researches being an outcome in Science can be known.

Vedas, Yogam, Wisdom (Gyanam), Philosophy ……. such elements being created, announcing the explanations of them and such works, giving training in Wisdom (true wisdom), Body – Mind – Life ….. and understanding the Universe Functions, such elements being expressed through Wisdom can be learnt in Wisdom (True Wisdom) as well.

In Science and Wisdom the Functions, Unreachable nature and it’s functions being created cannot be understood by normal people is how the happening is existing to be, is what we know of.

Come let us get to know (learn) more.

Kind Regards, Thank you.


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