For Planetary rotational nature, the Flourishing natured Gravity by itself exists to be the fundamental

In this Universe we are living in, from the starting period: The Universe and every single structures in it are whirling around (rotating) in the rotational operation method. The rotational nature operation methods that whirls around in such way, is called the Universe rotational nature method. Universe rotational nature is that which rotates through the 5 Grand elemental (that exists in the Universe) strengths’ operationally connective joint Gravitational field. That is, in the Universe, the 5 Grand elemental rotational nature method is existing as Heat rotational nature, air rotational nature, water rotational nature, Soil rotational nature, Space rotational nature, in being as a 5 Grand divisional existence, it is functioning as joint with one another. Among the 5 rotational nature operation method, in the Life nature operation method, it is being a ‘Natural Nature rotation method’ and in the method that is not Life natured, it is being as an ‘Artificial Natured rotation method’ that functions in the Natural structure, such is it’s existence.

Only in such two methods, the Planetary structures in the Universe is existing to be operational in a ‘natural natured way‘ as a ‘natural structure method’ in the ‘rotational nature method‘. It is existing to be in the method of ‘Planetary Rotation’ and ‘Life-nature rotation’ method which rotates in joint with the Universe rotational nature method. The important element to observe here in this is that, “in the rotational nature method that functions together there are rotational nature methods of change”. That is, by knowing the Nature structure methods that functions in the way of Natural nature method, then keeping it’s structural methods the artificial natured structure methods can be subjected to change as a natural natured structure methods.

The fact that this is possible, is a natural secret method that which is being expressed to us by Planetary rotational methods. Only in this method “For the Planetary rotational nature, the Flourishing gravity (In Flourishing nature, the natural gravity in which the Heat – Cold existence gets created in an equalized nature) by itself exists to be the fundamental”. Otherwise, it’s existential nature can be learnt through ‘changes’ as well. If that which is required to be known is got be known in a natural natured scientific way, then not only in the Scientific World but as well in the natural natured, Nature structure World as well – can we learn the complete meaning of “change” and realize it.

Hence, let us always learn what is required to be known and live blissfully. Let us live and show the way forward to every people that live.

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