Five Grand Fundamental Elements Gravity

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This Universe we live in, is made of Five Grand Fundamental Elements is what we know, it will be possible to be known.

All the Five Grand Fundamental Elements has formed in the nature of functioning separate and joint.

Five Grand Fundamental Elements:
All Five Grand Fundamental Elements are within the Universe Protective Field inside the Universe Structure – It exists Within the Universe Protective Field Gravity.

The Five Grand Fundamental Elements inside the Universe Protective Field has formed to be in the nature of functioning separately and joint as Static Natured at the same time has formed to be in the nature of functioning together with Life.

Static Life
Static + Life = Static Life

When all Five Grand Fundamental Elements, function in a joint nature with Universe Protective Field, the act of functioning together (Mixture) within the Five Grand Fundamental Elements happen. This event is continuing to happen in the Natural Structure, since the starting time of the Universe.

For the Five Fundamental Elements to rotate and function in the rotational method, it exists in the state to function by joining one along with another and for it to continue being the source formation of Living being’s life and the one that exists to be an operation, source of connection in the evolutionary exchange growth of Life’s Nature, Nature and Artificial Nature.

When Five Grand Fundamental Elements join with the Planet, their Gravity is expressed (outcome).

That is,
For Planetary Protective Field,
For Planetary Gravity Field,
For Heat – Cold,
For Planetary Gravity (Gravity),
For Planetary Core Axis operation,
For Planetary Rotational Nature,
For Day – Night continued Operation,
For the Microbial Life that lives throughout the entire Universe,
For Natural Plant Lives,
For Living beings and so for every single operations it exists to be the very first reason and source.

Gravity Fulfillment:
In this Universe we live in,
Space + Heat + Air + Water + Soil
and so if in a planet all the Five Grand Fundamental Elements have formed in necessary measure of completeness then in that Planet, Microbial Life, Plant Life, Living beings, Human beings and so it will have formed to be so that, everything can live. This can be known.
Example – Earth (Planet)

Gravity Correction:
In this Universe we live in,
Space + Heat + Air + Water + Soil
and so if so in a planet all the Five Grand Fundamental Elements did not find fulfillment and,
In the measure of Heat,
In the measure of Water ,
In the measure of Air,
it has formed to be in a conflicting state then in that planet only for Universe Microbes to live there will be opportunity. Alternatively, Plant Lives, Living beings, Human Life and so it has not formed for every such life to be sustained is required to be known.
Example – Moon (Support Planet) ………..

Come let us get to know more about Five Grand Fundamental Element Gravity.

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