Earth – Life Evolutionary Planet

Greetings Everyone,

In this Universe we live in, in the Solar Family, in a Planet called Earth in which we are continuing to live.

In our Life’s structure starting from the stone age till the age continuing onto the Computer age. Let us think about the happenings that continue as Life Livelihood on this planet. It will be possible to know the greatness filled greatness of the Earth.

For the Human’s Livelihood to become expansive, that which became created from the search of Humans for their expansiveness, in that the Earth’s special features can be known.

The first effort that were taken by the Human beings to create their livelihood like the other living beings became the first reason to learn the glories of the Earth.

The first outcome of the attempt made towards knowing their own livelihood (Evolution) life – by Each Living beings, Plant Lives that live, grow on the Earth we live in, became the possibility of knowing the specialty of the Earth.

The Human Life’s Livelihood Habits – Rituals and the life growth’s ability of getting to know, as a experiential life, being a starting event of live life. So exists this grand event.

For the Specialty of the Earth we live in to be realized, the very very Great and pure perspectives of the True Wisdom people exists to be the reason.

Adding onto it, it piqued the interest in getting know more and more about the specialty of the Planetary Formation called the Earth in which we live in, it is also the effort that we made in getting to know the other planets through Science.

Come, Let’s get to know more in detail.

Thank you,


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