Corona Virus

Corona Virus:
A Intriguing living being for Science.
A living being that kills every living beings that live with conflictions.
A living being that came as a life killer for every living beings.
A disease family that teaches to live properly in livelihood.
To join with Nature,
In living naturally – The living being that goes away.

In this Universe we live in, for the human society to live a life that holds great excellence, Science is continuing to perform it’s duty in expansiveness, in being spread. From the period since the Human society began, the human’s connections, needs being what and the methods that are simplified and for everyone to receive & utilize them. That which became the Practical Shape to be utilized is Science.

Researches: (Need)
For Human Life to continue in the World, to join and live with the natural structure In this World in which we live in, to know – to let know – the living methods of Plant lives – living beings, to know the Nature evolutionary, exchange, maintenance methods, “Humans, Human’s livelihood methods” in the Natural Nature methods, as an experience-happening and Educational nature method that came to be common for all to continue living is Research.

Human livelihood is one which came to be, keeping Living being and Plant Life’s livelihood happenings as center. Humans for their life, to be lived by joining with Live life structure and Natural structure, strength and health becomes a need. Humans connecting with World Nature through their senses, Understanding through intellect, expanding it with the Mind, distributing through Love and experience with the body. So the life exists to be. Population increase and People’s fundamental needs increase and Education, Food, Medicine based Science growth and Knowledge growth and in the happening of the requirement to have increment in the fundamental inventions needed for Human Life – the competition and the jealousy becoming increased, in which came to be the new turn that prevails as Modern Scientific growth.

New Turn:
The New Turns of the Scientific growth has made Human grow to the extent of going into the Water, going beyond the Sky into other Planets. It became grown to the extent of talking face to face through it. In-spite of it, the same time when the technological growth is touching heights with the Scientific structures that fulfills people’s fundamental needs such as Electricity, Transportation logistics, Computer structures ……. the drugs that are available cheap, the toxicity mixed sewage water that are untreated, the smoky air that is mixed with pollutants (Toxic air), Food, Medicine….. production methods, such utilization methods are becoming to be the reason for the human society degradation. Adding to it, experience of the antiquated and the livelihood is becoming fundamentally crushed.

Antiquated’s Resource:
It is one which came to be with the Life-Nature Structure, join-structure that was created since the beginning time of Human livelihood. In this, Nature and Structure that is depended of Nature living in the Nature as a Natural method formation is Antiquated’s resourcefulness.

Antiquated’s Strength:
Resourcefulness in Antiquated is Nature’s natural existence, the Nature’s Strength as well is existing to be a joint mixture. It is one which has within it the livelihood formations that lives with the method of protecting, distributing the energy (Heat – Air) of Nature. Such things as Resourcefulness and Strength in Antiquated is the living by mixing with livelihood continuity methods in continuity of the ways in living with Nature and Nature Food. This living is the complete life method in life.

The food we eat being as per the Live-body functional formation is becoming necessary. Taste in Food, necessary amount in saliva, the nature of hunger and such things are becoming necessary.

Nature Food:
Human live-body to live, grow, to attain evolutionary growth Food becomes necessary. Only for the Nature food and Live-body functions there is direct and natural connection is necessary, very, very necessary to be known.

For Live-body operational growth and safety the source reason exists to be food’s nature and knowing it’s connective elements is becoming necessary. “Through taste Food – Through Food growth”

Food through Taste – Growth through Food:
In this Universe we live in, for living beings life to live the food in the natural structures is being the primary. The six type tastes when functioning together properly is only when the Live-body functional growth becomes complete, proper and fulfilled is required to be understood with utmost clarity. If conflictions happen in the taste of Food or if conflictions happen in Live-body functional taste then there will creations of conflictions in Live-body growth function is required to be understood by every single human being with utmost clarity.

The distributed spread of the situational formations in the affliction created by the Food, Medicine, Air that disagrees with the functions of the Human Live-body, by itself created deficiency in disease immunity within the Human Society. In present, the Virus (Corona Virus) disease family affliction to be spread increasingly, it becomes a reason.

Natural Medicine:
Food by itself Medicine – Medicine by itself – Food this theory, in the way favorable to the Live-body functional existence, for many many period of time in the required value to life, it has formed to be.

Nature – Natural strength and the time period situational place of stay structures as well being formed with Live-body life nature, this method by itself is the Natural Medicine method.

Human Life Nature, Education Nature, Profession Nature, Experience Nature, Natural Nature, Sharing Nature such livelihood’s every single happening being contributed, this method by itself is the Natural Medicine method.

“Let’s avoid that which does not agree upon, Let’s correct the livelihood”

Our Daily Food, Agriculture, Habit, Culture, Five Grand Element Connections, Nature Connections, Natural structure and so being in existence as Life in Livelihood is Natural Medicine method.

Bacterias that causes harm, Life killing Viruses no mater which type of disease causing infectants or afflictions, the activity of functioning along with the Natural Medicine method will become helpful in protecting the human livelihood, can be known.

Science Education Nature: (To be expanded)
New Culture: (To be expanded)

Moving beyond Medicine for anything and everything, for what are we consuming medicine, the changes, instabilities that happen in our body state, is it due to food or thought or through Nature surrounding existence, or through conflicts in involuntary actions….. is necessary to be known. It is required to express all our body-nature functional connections to the Doctor with clarity.

The changes that happen in our body, anything that is even being tiny, tiny information, it is required to be discuss in clarity the solutions belonging to it, may it be simple or of medical format.

Uniqueness Expertise: (To be expanded)
Competitions: (Jealousy) (To be expanded)
Environment becoming polluted: (To be expanded)
Livelihood Scatter: (To be expanded)
Digestion Potential deficiency: (To be expanded)
Breathable Nature deficiency: (To be expanded)
The affliction of Virus infections: (To be expanded)
The state of not knowing fear until now: (To be expanded)

Health Exercises:
For humans to live being a human, the thinking, the understanding, to act, the sharing, the protection…… in such livelihood methods to be lived, health becomes a necessity. Starting from a baby to adults, in all of the living life span health becomes necessary. For health to have growth, exercises become a need.

Exercises are for the Body, Live-body to gain health in, Body exercise, Mind exercise, Sense exercise, operational exercise, thinking ability exercise…… For live body function to get protection inward and outward, it is required to perform the exercise methods with the help of proper teachers. Along with performing the exercises acceptable to the body it is also required to follow the life rules seen below.

Living with wealth and wellness through Exercises is only when living with surrounding purification methods will it be possible to get health and happiness in life.

  • Sports Exercises
  • Exercises that become created through proper labor
  • Body Exercises
  • Yoga Exercises
  • Giving proper chance for involuntary actions
  • It is required to avoid wearing tight clothes
  • Getting proper rest according to the labor
  • Sleeping required amount of time
  • Living joint with Nature
  • Involving in proper amount of sexual intercourse
  • Eating when apatite sets in
  • Eating to the food that can be accepted by the body
  • Eating by knowing the amount which is enough

It is the Practice of living in such livelihood structure.

Adding on to it, the required amount, the proper Exercises in completeness, fulfilment for Parents – Children, Teachers – Students, and so every single human should know it through learning and utilize it through out their entire life, this becomes a necessity. Instead of it being so, for the urgent need – For pride – through not properly trained Exercise teachers – when living without complete fulfilment, knowing in learning happens the health becoming complete becomes absent.

Artificial Life:
In the life formation which is being lived for a very long period of time in joint with Nature, the experience cultural life that got created in it, that which got changed in existence was Artificial Life cultural method.

Virus – Fear:
In human body growth operation, within the human live-body formation as a protective method, the immunity strengths and beneficial bacteria are existing. At the same time, the human live-body to be afflicted by disease and to be destroyed, the virus infections and the harmful bacteria are existing in Natural Structure.

If diseases are caused due to virus infections in the body, then instead of becoming feared of the disease, the self purification, the purification of the environment around yourself and along with the utilization of easily digestible food methods, the administration of treatment by reaching out to a suitable doctor. If livelihood is made with the formation of the environmental purification method, in the human body the required amount of beneficial bacteria and immunity strengths exists, hence there is no need have fear on the Virus. Reason being, in life method in the place where the environment purification methods is formed with the method of awareness, the Virus infection cannot live. This can be known.

Human Life Education Nature: Environment purification education, Health-Source Exercise Education, Live-body operational connection Education along with it the Humanitarian Education, should be taught through out World countries from the educative (as livelihood fundamental education) path activity of Globalization.

The Scientific structure that knew the entire World’s air is continuing to become polluted, we have missed to notice that Humans breathing their breathable natural air is continuing to become weak.

The Science that finds solutions by knowing the many new diseases that are coming into creation in the entire World Human Society. Didn’t know the entire nature of the virus infections that has come to destroy the World human Society. At the same time, humans by knowing their Life’s greatness in fulfilment and living is continuing to become insufficient.

Virus Infections:
Virus was always perceived in the nature that they are infectants that create contagious diseases. But when the states of knowing that air the humans breathe, in that the breathable natured air, the COVID19 infections (Virus infections) live, by then the affliction of the Virus infection had started spread through out the entire World nations. Holding the Human society in disaster it has started to continue it’s destructive activity.

Virus Infection’s livelihood affliction:
Living in the air mixed with toxic nature, by going into human beings, living beings having deficiency in immunity strength and creating a mixed taste it is afflicting the food digestive ability. At the same time it is killing the neurons in the brain. Adding onto it, it even kills the immunity strength in the live-body. With it, it kills the beneficial bacteria and makes the live-body functional growth become fatigued. As a result the respiratory track becomes weakened and even in the Heart, lung functions creating conflicts, it makes the entire body function to become weakened and creates death.

From the time since the Human world started till today, through virus infections there have been many many diseases that have become created and had made the human livelihood subjected to fatal afflictions. Going beyond everyone of them, Corona Virus is the one which that bought the entire Human Society into affliction.

Necessary Need:
To make Human Life nature strengthened, Resourceful and a life that can be understood, ‘Let’s make human a human.’

By bringing out the Human Knowledge, lets make the livelihood culture in which human can live a human. Let’s elevate the human life.

Experience Sharing:
In Human Life’s Goodness, Protection, Helps, Health ……. for such reasons, the methods called sharing creates a complete fulfilled Life of upheld greatness in completeness. Nature Food, Nature Medicine, …… such method’s experiences, scientific research methods, human livelihood cultures being shared with Humanity will become helpful in required amount for Human Life. Adding onto it, the life of living by being joint with nature will be made way for blissful life.

A very big Lesson in Learnings:
In human life livelihood, health is for you, health is for me, in not being so, every human should learn that health is for everyone. If not, the disease infection’s afflictions that have been formed here and there on the Earth, it is required to know in concreteness that we cannot be

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