Connection in Nature Changes

Wide Spread in Freedom
The Nature changes make the human knowledge, more and more wide spread in freedom. In it, for the human society it searches the address called the life experience.

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The life that human lived in the beginning times and the experience they had in it and the details they learnt in it are existing to be a guidance for the advanced modern human world of today.

The necessary need of the starting state for the Humans of the Starting period was only Food and Water. The activities that happened through the Nature changes created the situation of the need to search for a safe place of stay beyond Food and Water.

Nature Changes:
* Protection from Food (Food – Medicine – Poison – The State of not knowing the Mixed Taste)
* Day – Night First Reason
* Rain – Snow second Reason
* Safety from Living Beings
* Safety from Disease
* Safe Shelter for Food
* Safe shelter for Living beings
* Safety for Livelihood Materials
* From the Stormy Winds, Big Floods……. and so the aspect of Safety for both the Natural and Artificial Structures, a very complicated situation continues to be since then till now.

If Nature changes are the Disasters that come from the Nature, then the aspect of polluting the Natural structure in the wastes and pollution created in the production of Artificial Products and also the complications that are created in the recycling methods. Hence, there is a necessity of knowing the Nature Changes that are created by it.

In the aspect of Protecting ourselves from the Livelihood Afflictions that are created from the Nature, Thinking and acting is one type protective method.

The changes that happen in the Natural structure at times even create guidance for Human Livelihood. At times it create complications for the livelihood.

The Natural structure is one which has Productivity – Growth – End. These are continuing to happen naturally. Sometimes when humans think of changing this End, it becomes an eventuality of facing many different benefits, many different challenges, many different destructions on top of it, in nature.

Due to Nature changes, sometimes within human beings there is an expression of Natural Knowledge. Sometimes contradictory knowledge is expressed. Through the Natural Knowledge that is created by Nature Changes, there is livelihood improvement from very little amount to very great extent. Only through such Knowledge expressions that happen, the separate and one joint along with another’s functioning expression within the Soil, within the Water, within the heat, within the Space, within the Air and the livelihood secret that is hidden within it is expressed.

Science and True Wisdom, the fundamental reason for it being created is the connections that are created from the Nature changes is required to be known.

Come, let us get to know more.

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