Would you like to Live on the Moon…. Let’s Learn

If we ask, Would you like to Live on The Moon, to anyone……..

“Will they say yes, Or will they say no”

  • They will even say yes. The reason being The Moon is a new World. To live on a new World is a new experience. New thought, a new type of sharing, to live on the Moon every materials needs to be taken from Earth. That too, every materials being taken will all be new. To start life with new material being productive, will at the same time be a challenging, sweet act.

On top of all this, it can be learnt that, it is being in the state of happiness for the act of bringing a dream to practical staging, that has been dreamed for many thousand years.

  • They will also say that, they don’t have the interest to live on the Moon. The reason being, Moon is a new World. To live in a new world, the Economic expenditure will increase. To create a new life is a very tough act. In creating a new World, we taking participation, we ourselves creating our livelihood and living and the feeling created in the learning of many such things will be ecstatic.

On top of all this, to leave and move from the life on Earth is a very tough and an act belonging to depression. The most important reason for that being, relationship, familiar people, people that collaborated in the Work place organisation, animals, Plants, Land, Garden,……… and many such things are being a part of it.

The desire and disinterest to live on the Moon is each and everyone’s interest. Knowing this we will act.

Wherever we live, we will create a good Life.

Thank you, Vanakkam.


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