The Necessity of Living on the Moon is coming into existence

  • Flood Rains, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such Natural Disasters on Earth
  • Cultural breakdown in livelihood
  • The human world being destroyed by Viral Disease
  • Chemicals in Food
  • Water source deficiency
  • Financial Stress
  • Spacial crisis for livelihood
  • Unethical competitions between companies
  • Population growth
  • Unemployment
  • The Dangers of Cities going underwater
  • The scenario of time periods in Natural structure, changes in it’s existence
  • Lack of Food and Medicine
  • Unnatural state of not living in connection with Nature
  • Depreciative Drugs available at low cost and the resulting loss of health
  • In Human Life, humanity always being in the state of depreciation
  • Lack of Freedom in the methods of Purification

due to many such reasons, human life is in the necessity of living on the Moon, leaving the Earth.

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