Rescuing America from Nature Degeneration

It is first required to reduce the dosage of Electric Heat waste in America. Then, Heat wastes should be purified with the help of Plant Lives. For this, it is required to reduce the Electricity produced by Uranium or it is required to produce electricity on alternate ways.

Only by growing plant lives favorable to the soil and by reducing the heat afflictions caused in electricity production will the electric heat wastes mixing in the air zones will become reduced or excluded. Through this, heat waves mixing in air zones and the water being evaporated is being reduced.

When the water evaporation is reduced, the natural degeneration such as rain floods, floods, heavy snow, hurricane caused by natural structure is reduced. Through this the conflicts that happen in atmospheric rotation is avoided. Adding onto it, the natural structure is stabilized in favor of America's climatic conditions.

The natural wealth of America's nature is enhanced when the Electric Heat Waste and the heat waste in air is corrected.

Through this, the health of America and the benevolent strength of natural wealth become fulfilled in favor of flourishing structure.

When the Natural structure becomes wealthy properly though plant lives, no matter What the quantity is, even the wastes produced from the production of products for human livelihood are purified by this.

Through this, the Soil wealth source and Water wealth source as well becomes enhanced. When the Nature's wealth gets propelled, the health of the nature and human becomes enhanced. Adding onto it, in every type of natural structure methods as well, the immunity strength against disease will happen in a stabilized manner as per need. Hence, in natural structure, let's organize and correct the livelihood of plant lives in favor of live life's livelihood.

When the plant lives and the tree types are maintained properly for the correction of the natural structure: the soil's nature of integration and the air's nature of integration will happen in a stabilized nature to the favor of the purification methods.

Plant lives growing method:

If plant lines are to be grown in America: starting from the sea shore towards the city's (or country's) center and starting from the city's center towards the seashore if plant lives are grown in 8 segmented formation, star cluster formation or chain structured formation. It will be the best of ways.

In places close to sea shore, growing tree type saplings in a few meters from the sea will be beneficial.

To make plant lives growth become enhanced properly, it is must to plant: plant lives, food type trees that have sour, aspargen taste.

Towards a great future:

  • It is necessary to not cut down mountains, forests and properly protect living beings in the forest of America.
  • In the plains of America as well, creating proper rain water harvesting facilities and through it the rightful opportunity for the climatic conditions to become corrected and the opportunity for the ground water structure to exist is requried to be created.
  • Through such creations, the unnecessary heat waste expressed from the soil's inner structure is protected from spreading on the soil's upper surface and becomes a great help for the soil's proper integration and soil's wealth in the Natural structure.
  • It's is required to avoid improper researches and experiments on the soil's upper surface, inner surface, ocean water, space and deserts.

adding onto it, any researches that causes danger to plant lives, living beings and human beings being avoided in itself is the best way for living healthy and blissfully. This is required to be kept in mind at all times.


The protective maintenance methods of Natural structure in itself is source for live life and will be fundamental for it. Let us mindfully realize this and act further. Let's be released from Nature's degeneration.

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