M. Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar, Director and Assistant Researcher of Our Moon Life Universe Research Centre and Foundation has always dedicated himself to God Contact. His connection with the ultimate God and through which his support to our Research work is of Greatness. Thank you very much dear Arun Kumar.

Dear Arun, your contribution takes a special place in our hearts. Raising from your tests of time and immediately reflecting the absolute light of wisdom and truth through your words & dedication. In due time, joining hands in the research work, with your Nature. In the days that are unfolding your maturity and Nature together have become a very integral part of our research work. This research has the betterment of humanity in the soul of it’s execution. Your love towards humanity has bought you ever closer to our research work. We together will ensure it’s blossom further finds it’s ultimate Goal of truth in time. Thank you very much dear M. Arun.

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