Letter to Nasa From Our Moon Life Universe Research Centre and Foundation

I would like to first extend my gratitude of thanks to NASA for giving me this opportunity to connect with the you.

To further the Researches conducted on the Moon and the Lunar surface, my Research work points towards the direction that creating Life’s livelihood on the Moon becomes the first step. For this to happen, correcting the Natural structures of the Moon forms the core nature of my Research. That is on the Moon, Soil – Water purification is required to happen, Heat reduction, Cold becoming Normalized, Planetary Gravity becoming corrected, Planetary Core (Planetary Central Axis) becoming lighter (loosened), On the Soil’s upper surface Microorganisms being exposed, Moon’s rotational speed being corrected, Day – Night cycle methods, such elements are required to be corrected in Nature in a Natural way. Only after this Earth’s Soil – Water Micro Organisms unification should come to be created. After such happenings, Plant Life’s growth nature, Science Structuring, Living being’s livelihood being created, Human being’s livelihood coming to existence (created) and such happenings, let us create it alongside Scientific Organization (structure).

For furthering my Research with giving space for expansive knowledge required to expand the specifics of the above Research work, I have included Cosmological Researches in my current research work.

The Grand knowledge of the Human intellect is taking Humanity towards our Sun currently, at the same moment the other part of Human knowledge required to expand the livelihood nature of Human Life across our Solar Family and this Universe, starting with our Moon is published in my Research work, under my Organization Our Moon Life Universe Research Centre and Foundation in India near Thanjavur District. The detailed publications of my Research work can be found in ourmoonlife.com

I am the Head Universe-Researcher/Founder&Chairman of Our Moon Life Universe Research Centre and Foundation.
My Research Organization is a Corporation incorporated under the Indian Government (CIN: U73100TN2020NPL133710).
The Research Organization is also an Institutional Member (IM14) of Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)

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