In Astronomical Researches, the future Science is the Planetary Rotational Nature

It has been many million years since the Human livelihood started on Earth. Among many billion planets we are continuing to live in the Planetary structure called the Earth in the Solar system beyond many million years. For every living beings continuing to live in the life structure method in connection with the nature in this Universe, has the connective method called Intellect to live in connection with the Nature in the livelihood Natural structure, is being as a natural structure and natural natured system in nature of living in joint with the life nature through Physics based connection method. For every living beings that live in such a way, the intellect has formed to be as a livelihood connection structure. The human that learnt the existence of Growth nature and rotational nature for every living beings (Plant lives, living beings, Human beings,…….) connecting with the connection of this Intellect, the attempt of living by learning the Growth nature and rotational nature methods in their life became the eventuality of knowing the Planetary rotational nature and the necessity of learning to operate the Planetary rotational nature is coming to be.

As the Earth exists to be a prototype planet for every planets in the Universe for life natured livelihood structure. knowing the Earth’s rotational operation methods and at the same time, only if every single planetary structure around the Earth is made to rotate in a rotational operation method similar to that of Earth’s rotational operation: “It will be possible to create life natured livelihood on every single planets in the Solar system and it will as well be a possibility to continue the planetary researches in continuity“. As a result of this, in the time to come, the operation of the planets by learning the planetary rotational operations is happening to become Science’s primary duty. We know of this. It is required to be known.

Adding onto it, the execution by learning these methods will be Science’s next level elevated effort. Hence, for the humans that have habbituated living on the Earth, to learn the rational intellect (Tamil: Pagutharivu) in it’s completeness which exits to be as a source fundamental formation for their livelihood and the perfect methodic livelihood way to continue the Universe Life nature in this learning is in this rightful Scientific path we are in. Hence in Human livelihood, the Life nature that is lived through Science is a methodic way of living in joint with Nature.

While executing the methodic way of living in joint with the Nature, the co-operation of the Nature will exist to happen naturally. This can come to be known. How the Life structure in the Human livelihood in the beginning times have elevated to become Scientific structural methods of current time period and resulting in the Scientific World by itself is touching the World of Creation. The Scientific World byitself that touched the World of Creation is making every needs pertaining to the fundamentals of the Human livelihood more simplified. It is as well making it expasive in nature.

Not only that but with the Universe Function and our persence here on Earth, we are learning every single Planets in the Universe. Science is as well being focused on learning other planets from what is being known in the planet that is learnt. In such a way, on Earth or on any planet, “If we want to live in a natural natured way in joint with the Nature structure method?”, then it is required to create the Nature structure method similar to that of the Earth on every single planet or every planet is required to be made to rotate (or whirl) similar to the planetary rotational method of Earth.

In such a way, if rotational method is created similar to that of Earth’s rotation then in that planet, th\at which is the Nature structure methods will come into creation. This can be learnt. That is Earth’s rotational period of time, Day – Night time period, Rain, Cloud – Snow, such natural structure methods will form in a method that is favor of the Life nature’s livelihood. Hence, similar to researching Planets in detail, the methods pertaining to the Planetary rotational methods should as well be researched in detail. The Planetary rotational method that gets created in such a way, is the method that completes Science in fulfillment.

That by itself will exist to be ‘The fundamental’ to the methodic way pertaining to the spreading of human livelihood on every single Planet in this Universe. Hence, it being the continued effort of the Scientific structure in the current period of time and as well being the duty that completes the happenings pertaining to the maturity being attained in the upcoming period’s Scientific structure. This can be learnt with clarity. Hence similar to that of the Earth, the work to make every single planet be rotated in a similar way: “will become the Research methods of the upcoming time”. To such a marveling Scientific methodic way of existence, we are elevating. With sharing this happy news, let us continue our Scientific Researches.

Thank you.

Kind Regards.

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