Importance of Perspective in Research

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Some of the Fundamental understandings that we have set for ourselves in trying to explore the existence of the Nature in furthering our livelihood betterment on our planet. This is what is described here as perspective.

The way the new discoveries get connected and be utilized for betterment of human life follows the path set by the perspective in itself.

This perspective shifts, if we are to create a living condition on another planet, like our Moon.

For example, if we are to understand the global warming of our planet, it can be set under the perspective that our Earth has a hot inner core. It’s nature of heat gets affected by the composition of the natural activity on the planetary surface which in-turn affects the global heat nature, contributing to the global warming. This in itself is a great perspective set out to better our understanding on our planet earth and doing necessary measures to protect ourselves from the changes that could affect the human livelihood on our planet. Which will involve better protecting the natural state of the planet.

The other perspective here is, the rotation of the inner core of the planet is supported by the Universe gravity, the nature of the planetary rotation, the balance of nature between the rotational nature of the planet along with its gravity interacting with Universe gravity which is expressed in the Planetary Protective field and it’s orbital path. This perspective sets a platform that the fundamental nature of the 5 Grand elements and it’s connective states are to be explored in depth to arrive at a realistic solution that will be an immediate and consistently evolving system along with the human society that will require minimum governance model.

This second perspective also acknowledges the fact that, the core’s heat and natural functions has a connective state with the Universe’s nature and is not an isolated natural existence.

To further clarify this perspective, lets quickly explore a scenario. Building Forests to fight global warming is one solution that could be useful in mitigating the afflictions caused in the nature. The other would be learning the science behind creating and preserving a forest that benefits the human society. The root structures that could go deep and create a connective structure between the upper surface of the soil and the inner water streams, the rightful distance between each tree structures to preserve its health and micro ecosystem of that tree which is planted, necessary amount of water body that could facilitate sustained growth of these tree structures, the locational significances of these plantations, that is, if its on the shore or in the city or on a hill.

To explain a bit more, a tree is a great natural structure that swings flexibly against a strong wind while preserving the natural ecosystem around it’s root structure. The spaces of air pockets formed around (due to the heavy) the tree’s roots enriches the soil’s health and it’s ecosystem. The whole of the upper soil surface soaks the air from above. The wind speed reduction caused by such a structure is always phenomenal and has an omni beneficial aspect to it. To put it in simpler words, all of rotational nature has life cycle as its core element. Creating such a structure has a more omni present benefit to it.

Now both the perspective has its place and purpose. The objective and the nature of knowledge sought determines the need of the perspective.

Creating a living condition on another planet seeks the knowledge of knowing not just the way Nature’s existence (outcome) but how nature exists and what are its fundamental structures.

How good is a governance model, if the people for whom the model is prepared themselves are not invested in it?

There is more to a governance model in it’s evolutionary nature than the core idea/concept on which it resides.

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