Breathable Natural Air’s Connections

Greetings Everyone,

The biggest challenge in creating life on the Moon happens to be the Breathable air deficiency. That is, the strength of oxygen, life breath …… on Moon’s soil surface is found be in very very low quantity. Instead carbon air unification is found in higher quantity.

Purifying, Unifying:
On Moon’s surface, the moment the Water body formations or the moment when Soil purification work begins being utilized the breathable air’s connections will not get it’s complete stage. Although this will create and give the initiation phase (this will not become the end stage).

In the ultimate preservative scenario of purification in Water, Soil, the nature of heat air that attacks the soil will need to reach a normalized state. Only when the nature of hot air on the Soil surface decreases necessary value, the electromagnetic wave’s heat affliction will start to reduce. Only after these happenings, Gravitational field, Planetary core rotation methods’s nature, microbial life unification structures will begin. Only after the rotational movements (correction) of the Planetary core, the happenings of work such as water evaporation, rain falling will start. Only after this, the connections of breathable air will happen on the Moon’s rotational surface structure.

Creating Living Condition:
“For breathable natural air to rotate in a planet it requires the Mixture of 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature, Heat – Temperate exchange to be in a joined state with Planet’s Magnetic rotation”. Likewise, only if we create the right ways for us to create Breathable Natural air connections in Natural structure, it will be possible to connect with the right methods of Breathable Nature of livelihood life. This needs to be learned.

Through the Breathable natural air connection’s breeze, flourishing green, rain, snow, seed growth (plants, creepers, trees), animals(Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Mammals), Humans and every such living life’s natural evolutionary rotation will begin.

Lets participate in the beginnings and create the livelihood together, come.

Thank you, Kind Regards.

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