April Fool’s Day

This Universe we live in, comprises of many thousands of billion structures. In it many nature structures, many life nature structures, many many time structures, situational structures, planet structures, star structures, many many life structures, in it may type of ‘evolutionary growth nature methods’ and many many rotational nature methods are existing to be as methods that functions & operates as whirl (rotation) through the Universe’s orbital path. Such is it’s existence in the Nature’s structure. In this Universe we live in, the ‘life nature livelihood’ is existing to be in many many types and many many variations. In all of it, specifically that which lives only in a particular situational time period, that which lives only in a particular situation dependent on Nature, among all the Planets in the Universe, that which particularly lives only on certain type structures alone and so that which lives in many type of changes and that which lives on many type of conflicts, and so on, many type of situations and many type of places: “Such is the ‘Life nature structures’ existence as many many types and as many many methods, in nature structure”, and so is the ‘Universe Operation‘ existence in Nature structure as many fundamentals. On top of all this, through the ‘Rotational whirl Gravity‘ in the Natural structure, every single planet in the Universe, every single Star is revolving in their own orbital path and on their own Planetary core axis. Similarly every single living beings are being given a strength formation called the ‘Natural Intellect’ in nature, for their Life. With the help of the ‘Natural Intellect’, every single ‘life nature formations’ are naturally conducting their ‘evolutionary exchange livelihood life methods’ in nature with the help of Plant lives and ‘5 Grand elements’ such as each of their ‘place of stay’ nature, the nature of fulfilling their livelihood needs, the nature of their livelihood partner and so on. Among them, a few ‘life nature’ (Universe Life), are continuing to grow in the nature of morphing and not morphing. This type of ‘living beings of life’ is alone continuing to live in every planetary structures and in every period of time beyond death, in this Universe. Their lifespan is continuing to be in the fashion of Universe’s lifespan. The ‘nature structure’ called ‘the Universe’ is existential only for the ‘Livelihood of the Life nature’.

Among the ‘Life nature formations’ in the Universe, that which is of utmost importance, that which is of huge greatness, that which has the complete potential in knowing everything, with having complete ownership: “To live and experience in every places of this Universe, exists to be the human life as the ‘ultimate life nature formation'”. For human beings of such huge greatness, to not only continue on to live by themselves but as well as, exist on to be the necessary pillar for ‘the life’ & ‘way to life’ of having a ‘great living’ for all living beings, plant lives…… in this World. For this to be existential, only for the human beings alone, in the continued living and for the continuing life: “As a continued gravitational strength, the great strength called the ‘Rational intellect’ is given in Nature“. Such human beings of great strength, to bring out the specialty of the special methods in their Life, celebrated every single day in keeping memory of every single day as a great day of life filled with corrective actions in it. As a day in celebration to show the way of life forward, such was its creation.

On such great days, the importance of the day, that which is being celebrated today, is the living along with ‘Rational Intellect’ while being compassionate towards ‘life nature’, and being helpful and showing the way forward to others: “In this, Let us utilize the intellect belonging to the method of living in a stabilized way and utilized the intellect belonging to the method of living which is not stabilized and live on”. In life, in the way of living, “by knowing the secret of their birth and in knowing the secret of ‘how they are to live through out the entirety in the Universe?'”, utilizing the human being’s ‘Rational Intellect’ for it with compassion towards the ‘Life nature’, is the best life.

Adding on, for the great living of the human society, the day which shows the way forwards is the day in greatness for life. Moreover, “it is important for us to observe keenly and learn that, there isn’t anyone such as a ‘Fool’ in the human society”. At the same time, it can be accepted that there are people that don’t completely utilize the ‘Rational Intellect’. Hence, lets us learn the human being’s life & livelihood secrets and live. Come! Let us live a greatness bearing life and make it a life.

Thank you, Greetings!

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