Roles and Responsibilities

Brief Overview: We categorized most of the key roles in the Organization and have briefed the overview of the roles and responsibilities of each individual job role. Here the aim is to set a rough guideline and perspectives, so that each role have an idea of how the organization aims to come together as one unit, in its objective and approach. The objectives and approaches may vary between each Research project. It is best learnt from our Principal Researcher or the Associate Researcher during the initial briefings.

Principal Researcher
– Guides & precedes through the conclusion of the Research topic decisions.
– Prioritizes the path of approach in the organization’s current research goals.
– Ownership on the ‘Principles of the approach’ and ‘definitions of the fundamentals’
– Key planning and milestone decision ownership
– Fieldwork model and framework organizer
– Set’s the Organization’s Research Goal and Mission

Associate Researcher
– Research execution planning and WBS ownership
– Practical experiments and exploratory correlation owner
– Management and Financial planning ownership