This Clock was Enhanced with the help of the First Complete Moon Clock Named Sivamathi Moon Clock Six 002 on Tamil New Year 14/April/2019

Retired from the Mainpage header when we finished constructing the main Moon Clock

Retired to Bring way for Moon alarm Clock

Earth Moon Clock with Saving System V2.2 (retired for sound being out of sync for every load)

Tamil Font Attempted for Ammavasai to Theipirai clock

First of ammavasai clock saved for future purpose

New Moon & Earth Watch (complete procedure) v5.0 (retired when the Time 18 placement had to be moved right and the sectioning had to be accommodated as per Earth’s 4 hour split unlike Moon’s 5 hour split.

Retired Moon Clock that was part of the Global Header replaced with an enhanced Sun Day light Moon Day light Clock

The clock that was retired to Give way for the Earth Moon clock signifying the visual sync between Earth and Moon Clock

This Clock was constructed from the Base Earth Clock which had 2 main blockers. 1 being the clock jumping minute from 12 to 24. The second was the speed at which the minute hand moved. Both was corrected with two approaches. 1 the arc completing its complete circle with first correction with the first pie/60 calculation and the other the second attempts required to complete the entire circle. This was achieved with the 2nd implementation where the minute calculation source was slowed down by half 1000 to 500 but doubled with counts from 60 to 120. The 60 to 120 is an expected skip for a 24 hour clock. So the main correction here is the 500 millisecond correction.


V1.0 Below is the retired version one Earth Clock that was jumping from Minute 60 to 120 within a single second. Making way for the above enhancement.


This Clock Was First Constructed with the intention of Embedding the Moon Emblem